Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations Release Alongside 'Modern Warfare 3' Map

Modern Warfare 3 Map and Clan Operations

Clan Operations, the long promised Call of Duty Elite feature that would allow clans to compete and earn prizes for accomplishing various objectives, has finally arrived, and just in time. Fans have been clamoring for the Clan Operations feature since it was first teased during the initial Call of Duty Elite announcements, but it has taken Beachhead Studios some time to get everything going.

To make the deal even sweeter, the Clan Operations availability coincides with the release of the next DLC map, Overwatch, for Elite Xbox 360 Premium members.

Overwatch is your typical Call of Duty multiplayer fodder, a high-rise set map that features a singular choke point that is high risk and reward. It's only one map in a 9-month promised series of DLC releases, but it has some interesting elements. Check out some screenshots of Overwatch below:

Overwatch - Standoff

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As far as Clan Operations are concerned, the feature is available for any Elite members to participate in, but only Premium members can reap the rewards of completing certain objectives. Among those objectives will be tasks like planting the most bombs or having the most team deathmatch kills.

Unlike Lone Wolf Operations, Clan Operations reward a clan XP rather than an individual player. But XP pales in comparison to the sweet prizes that Elite is known for doling out.

To earn those prizes, clans will need to rank within a certain percentage, usually the top 50%, of the total clans competing. Champions, those who rank first on the leaderboard, will receive real prizes, but only the top six members within that clan will receive those.

Obviously Overwatch isn't a requirement for participating in Clan Operations, but with one added map it could bring a nice change of scenery. The map's available today for Xbox 360 Premium members, while PS3 Elite Premium members can probably expect the map late next month.

Are you happy to hear that Call of Duty Elite finally has its Clan Operations feature? Have you had a chance to check out Overwatch? How does the map strike you?




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