There are few things more certain than a new Call of Duty title being perpetually in development, but recent reports are starting to show a marketing strategy that is more mysterious than previously seen. It’s no secret that Black Ops 2 is the most likely game to be announced for release this November, since where there’s smoke there’re fire. But new promotional material isn’t confirming a Black Ops 2 branding, but a game referred to as ‘Eclipse.’

There have already been plenty of  images promising a May 2 reveal: far more compelling evidence of an impending announcement than the previously leaked logo. Now more images of the actual displays have made their way online courtesy of Gamerplex, bearing the title ‘Eclipse’ where one might expect to find the game’s title. Code names aren’t anything particularly new, but given the game’s projected release date, Treyarch might be up to something.

The most likely candidate for the next Call of Duty launch day would be Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Aside from being the date previously leaked by French retailers – or close to it – that happens to be the day of a total solar eclipse. Conspiracy theorists can start doing what they do best, but whether this is a brand new property or a simple attempt at keeping a lid on things, even that slight mystery is more than the franchise is used to.

Call of Duty Eclipse Display

The most likely explanation is that Black Ops 2 will somehow be centered around a solar eclipse, either in terms of the game’s plot, or simply to get the most marketing bang for their buck come November 13. But if the announcement really will be for Call of Duty: Eclipse, then Activision’s aggression toward past leaks would make a lot more sense. In all likelihood this is merely a fake-out, since the official site gives more than a few hints, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope.

At this point the Call of Duty brand seems built upon the twin banners of Modern Warfare and Black Ops, meaning the innovation or change that vocal players have been calling for doesn’t seem to be on the horizon – at least where story is concerned. With the recent details on the cancelled Call of Duty Tactics the possibility of something new being attempted with the CoD brand is worth getting excited over.

We won’t hold our breath on ‘Eclipse’ being the long-rumored space-CoD that will take the series into orbit, but even that is a possibility. Whatever the case, we’ve only got a few more weeks until the truth becomes clear. What do you think is the most likely? Would you be on board with a new direction for the franchise, or is the possibility just too outlandish?

Black Ops 2, or whatever product ‘Eclipse‘ turns out to be is expected to release on November 13, 2012. When the May 2 announcement arrives we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Gamerplex

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