Treyarch has released an all new trailer for the fourth Black Ops DLC pack, Rezurrection. Rezurrection is an all Zombies map containing the four World at War maps, which were previously available exclusively to Prestige and Hardened edition owners, as well as a brand new zombie map, “Moon.”

In the trailer, Zombies audio director Brian Tuey describes Rezurrection as their “season finale.” While previous Zombie maps have all brought something new to table, Treyarch feels that “Moon” really ups the ante. The location of the map brings with it a huge change to the Zombies formula as player can no longer rely on the tactics they have used before – given the lower gravity.

The decreased gravity makes it more difficult to maim zombies as players will sometimes find themselves floating around and past their targets. As well, the vacuum of space will bring with it many changes to the audio, meaning that players can no longer rely on the familiar sounds from previous maps to gauge where a zombie may be.

As mentioned earlier, the four Zombie maps from World at War will also be included in the Rezurrection pack. The maps feature enhanced visuals as well as weapons found in Black Ops. The latter changes the formula significantly – as players are no longer forced to rely on the stock weapons from World at War and offers a variety to the gameplay found in the original Zombies mode:


Rezurrection will also come with a small bonus for those who pick it up. Players can look forward to a “Moon” theme and three previously unreleased Zombies songs. Early on in the trailer, Treyarch studio head Mark Liama was quick to reiterate that the Rezurrection map pack will be free to those who purchased the Hardened or Prestige Edition of Black Ops. Those who do not already have access to the DLC can will have to pay the normal entry fee of 1200 Microsoft Points/$14.99.

If you haven’t yet seen our thoughts on the prior Black Ops map packs, you can find them below:

While the 1200 Microsoft Point price point is still pretty steep, the decision to offer Rezurrection for free to Hardened/Prestige Edition owners is a smart move on Activision’s part. Will you be picking up Rezurrection when it lands later this month?

Call of Duty: Black Ops is currently available for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and Rezurrection will land August 23rd for on Xbox Live, with the DLC presumably hitting the PS3 and PC a month later just like other Call of Duty map packs.