It seems like just yesterday we were all excited for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but believe it or not, the third – yes, third – DLC map pack for the game is set to release at the end of this month. In case you have yet to hear about the new maps being offered with the Annihilation Map Pack, Treyarch has released a brand new trailer featuring a look at each of the new environments, and yet another appearance from everyone’s favorite fry cook.

Since premiering in November, the various map packs offered for Black Ops have continued the tradition of selling like gangbusters, and the smart money is on Annihilation doing just the same.

Containing another four maps of various size and shapes, as well as a brand new map for the Zombie mode, particularly fickle gamers have yet another chance to expand their choices come June 28th.

If you love the Rolling Stones almost as much as you love close-quarters combat and battling the undead, then the newest trailer is sure to please. Check it out now:


From vintage Americana to distant Soviet outposts, and even a zombie-tastic tropical paradise, Annihilation is looking to cover every need the modern shooter fan may have.

Treyarch has already given an in-depth look at Annihilation’s maps, so if you haven’t already, be sure to study up to give yourself the best chances when the DLC goes live. If you’re on the fence about whether the map pack is worth picking up, you may want to remember that it could very well be the last offered for Black Ops.

With Modern Warfare 3‘s launch getting closer by the day, and Battlefield 3 a few steps ahead, this fall and holiday season won’t be short on military shooters. So in the meantime, the new maps and zombie monkeys could be just what you need to get you ready for the next project in the Call of Duty parade.

There’s a chance that Activision could keep their money-making machine running at full capacity and release DLC for Black Ops even closer to the launch of MW3, but that’s not the most likely possibility. But considering how profitable each new set of DLC seems to be, anything is possible.

If the $15 price is something that continues to irritate you less-than-diehard CoD fans, you need only look forward to the arrival of Call of Duty Elite, where a down payment could grant access to a wide array of features and perks. Elite’s granting of access to any new map packs will certainly be something that thousands of fans are ready to pay for, but they’re going to have to get in line.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC will be launching on Xbox Live June 28, with other platforms to follow after.

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