As we all expected them to, Treyarch has finally confirmed the existence of the first DLC pack for Black Ops 2, Revolution, and announced it will release on January 29th. Featuring four new multiplayer maps, a new Zombies map and mode, and a new weapon, Revolution could prove to be the most substantial DLC package the Call of Duty franchise has seen yet.

Alongside the announcement Treyarch also released a 5-minute video (featured above) that walks players through all the Black Ops 2 maps and the new mode, explaining what new elements they bring to the table.

The first new map, titled Hydro, is set on a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan. Like the map Express in Black Ops 2 proper, Hydro features a dynamic event — in this case the flooding of a walkway — that will indiscriminately kill any players in its path.

Grind takes place in a skate park in Southern California. As the video points out, Grind is made up primarily of curved surfaces — namely those of half and quarter pipes. Unlike many traditional maps, Grind doesn’t offer the traditional mantling spots, and appears to be much more accommodating to open firefights.

Downhill is Black Ops 2‘s first snow map, a long-standing staple of the franchise. Perhaps the game’s most accommodating map for snipers — besides maybe Turbine — Downhill offers long sight lines, but plenty of opportunities for cover. As well the map features a set of ascending and descending gondolas that can be used for protection, but are capable of killing if caught in their path.

And finally Mirage is set in the Gobi Desert in China on a sand swept resort with plenty of interesting architectural designs. Because of the sand players can gain access to multiple levels of the various buildings, which helps keep players from holing up on the top floors.Black Ops 2 Revolution Walkthrough

Along with the four new multiplayer maps, Revolution also brings a new map for Zombies called Die Rise, which promises to introduce new gameplay elements to Treyarch’s fan favorite mode. Most obviously, as the map is set on a crumbling skyscraper ((get it? High Rise = Die Rise), Die Rise introduces an element of verticality to the mode, something that players have never seen before. And, as they make there way through the map they will be forced to brave some dark corridors that mimic the feeling of being trapped in a maze.

But Treyarch isn’t just throwing out a new map for Zombies and letting multiplayer get all the attention though — they’re actually doing something they’ve never done before: rolling out a new mode as well. Titled ‘Turned’ this mode offers players the opportunity to play as the Zombies and try to take down a lone player-controlled character.

If you happen to kill the human, it’s your turn to try your hand at survival. It sounds a little like Gears of War‘s Beast Mode, and could be a lot of fun.

But wait, there’s more! Revolution is also breaking new ground for Call of Duty DLC by introducing a new weapon into the fold: the ‘Peacekeeper’ SMG. This is the first time that a Call of Duty developer, be it Treyarch or Infinity Ward, has introduced a new weapon into the game post-launch, and we’re curious to hear how fans respond.

Black Ops 2 Revolution - Peacekeeper SMG

While new maps and modes are the biggest draw, this is the first time that DLC has provided a potential advantage to players that purchase it or the Season Pass. As the video states, the Peacekeeper is a hybrid between an SMG and an assault rifle, which could make it useful for nearly every type of player.

What do you think of the new maps for Black Ops 2? Does the new Hunted mode and Die Rise map sound like worthwhile additions? How do you feel about a new weapon coming as DLC?

Black Ops 2: Revolution will be releasing first for the Xbox 360 on January 28, 2012.

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