‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Multiplayer Changes On The Way

By | 2 years ago 

Although it may not have launched with the pomp and extravagance of its predecessor (see: that Eminem music video), there’s an awful lot riding on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s shoulders. Not only did it usher in a new style of gameplay thanks to its exo-skeletons but analysts also predicted that sales of the game would be far lower in comparison to Call of Duty: Ghosts.

With pre-orders reportedly down despite Activision’s best hopes, Advanced Warfare still faces the challenge of convincing those reluctant to buy new games in a series that has become something of a known quantity in recent years. But, on the critical side of things the game is reviewing positively and the bold gameplay choices (and that new three year dev cycle) seem to be paying off.

If it wants to shrug off that aforementioned fatigue and beat out competition for a place in our Christmas stockings, Advanced Warfare will have to be consistent in both its functioning and means for addressing issues that do arise (steering clear of Driveclub‘s example). Developer Sledgehammer Games appears to be getting the ball rolling, having now announced a list of upcoming improvements.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Screenshot - Riot Jailbreak

Detailed on reddit by Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer’s Head of Development, the following changes will be coming to the game soon

  • MP chat icon size and placement.
  • Kill confirmed score limit
  • Camo challenge tuning
  • Prestige emblem reset
  • Speed reload timing
  • 2XP messaging
  • Score mismatch when player leaves public lobby. (Doesn’t affect Combat Record)
  • COD Vision team color improvements

All of the fixes pertain to Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer modes and it seems that Sledgehammer isn’t particularly interested in addressing concerns about the game’s story; including the now notorious funeral scene (spoilers at the link). Though, despite their dedication to online gameplay, one much-asked for feature isn’t on the list: dedicated servers.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Screenshot - Riot Slam Dunk

Condrey confirmed before the game’s launch that Advanced Warfare would have dedicated servers though according to images uploaded by another redditor, these servers are either not up to scratch or have failed to materialize altogether. As a result, some players are experiencing major lag which is a huge problem considering how much of a selling point Call of Duty‘s multiplayer is.

But, in spite of this the Sledgehammer boss is saying that it’s been “a great day zero” for him and his team and that they “Would love to hear from [players] on other top opportunities for improvement”. Arguably, if Sledgehammer is prioritizing chat icons and weapon camouflage over eradicating a game-breaking issue then they may have missed a trick there, but let’s all hope that this first person shooter doesn’t follow in Battlefield 4‘s footsteps.

Source: CVG