‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Exo Zombies – Carrier Easter Egg Guide

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With the addition of the Supremacy DLC pack to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a brand new Exo Zombies map has been added to the game. This map is called Carrier and it takes takes place on a large Atlus military ship, and even features Bruce Campbell as a new playable character.

As is the case with every Exo Zombies map in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Carrier features an elaborate Easter egg that can be completed in order to unlock special in-game bonuses as well as to unlock an achievement. The achievement this time is called Flotsam & Jetsam, and is worth a hefty 50GS for those that are able to complete the steps and unlock it.

This guide goes through the process of completing the Easter egg step by step, but those that prefer a video guide may refer to the excellent one made by YouTuber NoahJ456, which can be found embedded at the top of this page.

Before attempting the Easter egg, it is a smart idea to become familiar with Carrier. Below is a map of the ship, which can also be accessed in-game as well by hitting the “back” button on Xbox 360 or the “View” button on Xbox One.

'Call of Duty' Exo Zombies: Carrier Easter Egg Guide - Carrier map

Keep in mind that this Easter egg can be completed in either solo or co-op. The steps are the same regardless of how many players are involved, however, though playing this particular map in co-op is going to make the Easter egg much easier.

1. Buy Teleport Grenades

Upon spawning, a smart thing to do is farm for points by shooting zombies to the brink of death, and then finishing them off with a knife swipe for maximum earning potential. At about the third round, leave the starting area and head to the Armory. Hit the 3D printer for decent weapons, but be sure to save at least 750 points to purchase Teleport Grenades off the wall.

2. Chompy’s Generator

'Call of Duty' Exo Zombies: Carrier Easter Egg Guide - Chompy

With teleport grenades in tow, the next step is to activate the generator located in Chompy’s holding area. Chompy, for those unfamiliar, is the vacuum-like trap that can be activated in the Cargo area for 500 points. The Cargo area is most easily reached from the Armory by going through the Bio Lab door, taking a right, and then entering Cargo.

Upon summoning Chompy, aim a Teleport Grenade just beyond the machine, in its holding cell. Throw the grenade as soon as the door rises. If done correctly, it will transport the player inside the cell. Quickly go to the power generator in the corner of the room and switch it on.

3. Grenade Disposal

This is one of the more difficult steps, so it’s best to do it immediately, on the earlier rounds. This step is significantly easier in co-op as a co-op partner can distract zombies so that they aren’t accidentally killed by grenades (which starts the next round and forces you to restart this step from the beginning), and increases the amount of grenades that can be used, since each player can hold a maximum of four grenades (five with the Exo Stockpile perk found in the Med Bay).

Try to hang on to frag grenades until this step as they are significantly easier to get into the Grenade Disposal machine than contact grenades. Head back to the Armory and fire a Teleport Grenade into the Grenade Disposal slot, located just above the Price is Right-like Plinko board. The next step is to fire frag or contact grenades (purchase these after the frags run out from the wall for 500 points a pop) into the Grenade Disposal when the right icon is displayed. When using contact grenades, aim the cursor just slightly under the hole for best results; they are much more difficult to use than frag grenades.

The icons will represent the different grenade types in the game. This is the order to shoot for:


  • Distraction Drone
  • Frag Grenade

After the first row has been completed, toss another Teleport Grenade into the machine. Remember that they can also be re-purchased off the wall as well.


  • Explosive Drone
  • Distraction Drone
  • Explosive Drone
  • Frag Grenade

Throw another Teleport Grenade into the machine.


  • Explosive Drone
  • Nano Swarm
  • Explosive Drone
  • Distraction Drone
  • Explosive Drone
  • Frag Grenade

4. Deliver the Data Pad

Once step 3 is complete, a data pad will eject from the wall to the right of the Grenade Disposal machine. Take the data pad and head to the Gun Deck. Approach the vault here and hold the interact button (X on 360 and Xbox One, Square on PlayStation platforms). A short bit of audio will play. Afterwards, interact with the vault door again to complete this step.

5. Drunk Laser Hopping

In the Armory, there is also a machine called Weapon Disposal. The arm of a zombie is sticking out of a slot, asking for weapons. Give it weapons from the 3D printer, and it will give back either 200 points or something to continue the Easter egg. The first thing it will drop besides points is a bottle of alcohol, which will then sit on the floor to the right of the machine.

Crouch and point at the top of the bottle. Hold in the interact button to become drunk. Go into the Bio Lab and interact with the pad to start the laser grid challenge. Basically, while drunk, the goal is to move from the Cargo to the Hangar without touching any of the lasers. The second data pad can be found on the ground in front of the teleporter in the Hangar once this has been successfully completed. Collect it, and then take it back to the vault from step 4. Repeat the process of applying the data pad to the vault.

6. Activate the Bio Lab Teleporter

'Call of Duty' Exo Zombies: Carrier Easter Egg Guide - Teleporting zombie

The next step is to collect teleport fragments. These are dropped either by the teleporting zombie dogs or the teleporting zombies (both pictured above). Every time one is collected, take it to the teleporter on the bottom floor of the Bio Lab, and place it inside. Do this 20 times and the teleporter in the Bio Lab will now be active, and can be used to teleport to a secret island.

7. Shovel

Before using the teleporter, the next step is to receive the shovel. Return to the Weapon Disposal machine and hand over more weapons. Keep doing this until the machine coughs up a fishing reel. There is a rod attached to the railing of the gun deck, so take the reel there. Place it on the rod, and then return to the machine and repeat the process until it gives up fishing line and a fishing hook. Apply both of these to the rod, and then fishing is possible for the low price of 100 points.

Spam the fishing pole until a shovel pops up. If playing in co-op, have the other players go for shovels, too, as it will make the next step much easier. Once an adequate amount of shovels have been collected, it’s time to proceed to step 8.

8. Secret Island

Use the teleporter to reach a secret island. Start digging everywhere with the shovels. Cover as much ground as possible, but know that it’s possible to simply return to the island using the teleporter. With a little luck, a metallic briefcase will be found. Open it to find the third data pad.

With the third data pad in tow, return to the vault. Again, repeat the process of placing it into the vault. As a bonus, this step also unlocks the weapon upgrade machine that can upgrade any level 20 weapon to level 25 for 2,500 points.

9. Captain DJ’s Locker

'Call of Duty' Exo Zombies: Carrier Easter Egg Guide - Captain DJ's Locker

This is an easy step, but just the first part in collecting the fourth and final data pad, a feat in and of itself. Head to the Hangar and approach the lockers. Spam the interact button until an audio clip plays. This means that Captain DJ’s locker has been found, and now it’s time for what is by far the most difficult step in the Easter egg. Make sure to have the Exo Health, Exo Speed, and Exo Stockpile perks, because it’s going to be a tough few rounds.

10. Drone

Every few rounds, a UFO-shaped drone will spawn somewhere in the map. Once discovered, it will start flying through the rooms and eventually fly away. They spawn all the time on Carrier, usually carrying a power-up. Once the previous steps have been completed, two of these drones will spawn simultaneously. One will have a power-up, but the other will contain a blue lever. Ignore the power-up drone and go after the blue lever drone. Take it down (it will take a ton of ammo to accomplish this) and after it explodes, the blue lever will hit the floor.

Collect the blue lever, and then take it to the Moon Pool. On the wall next to the 3D printer in the Moon Pool is a power box. Place the blue lever on the box, and leave it there for now.

11. Shark Cage

Go back to the fishing rod and spam it until a fish is collected. Then go back to the moon pool, and be prepared to spend a couple of rounds here. Similarly to a step in the Ascendance easter egg, the goal here is to kill a ton of zombies to build up blood. This time though, the goal is to fill the water beneath the glass in the Moon Pool with enough blood to attract a shark.

As soon as the shark shows up, pull the blue lever that was placed on the power box in the previous step. The shark cage will begin to lower. The player with the fish then needs to climb into the cage. It will descend into the water, and a shark will start gnawing on the bars. Interact with the shark to give it the fish, and in return, the shark will give up Captain DJ’s eye.

12. C4

With Captain DJ’s eye in tow, return to the Hangar. Go to his locker and use the eye to open it up and gain access to the fourth and final data pad. With that, take it to the vault and use it.

Afterwards, return to the Armory, and use the Weapon Disposal machine again. Feed weapons into it until it gives up C4. Take the C4 to the vault, and enjoy the ending cut-scene!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is currently available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Currently, the Supremacy DLC pack, which contains the Exo Zombies map Carrier, is only available on Xbox platforms. Expect it to hit PC and PlayStation platforms in about a month or so.

Source: NoahJ456