The hugely popular Call of Duty franchise doesn’t take breaks. There has been a brand new Call of Duty game released each November since 2005, and 2010 doesn’t look to be any different. Call of Duty 7 rumors and speculation abound, and here’s a few of the juicier ones for you to gnaw on while you’re taking a rest from noob-tubes and knifing.

Since Infinity Ward finished Modern Warfare 2 just this past fall, it’s a safe assumption that Call of Duty 7 is being made by the backup crew Treyarch. Treyarch garnished some praise for their latest iteration in the franchise, World at War, and will likely try and carry those positive points into their next game. So what am I trying to say with that? Zombies. World at War‘s zombie mode was an instant hit, and you can bet there will be some form of it in the upcoming game.

Where will our game take place though? Treyarch has been quoted saying that they won’t be returning to a World War 2 setting, and while that doesn’t narrow the playing field down, various other leaks are all pointing toward Vietnam. Rumored to take influence from movies like Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, and Apocalypse Now could mean something great is in the works.

Something else to consider–Activision itself has said that the new game is in no way expected to reach the sales of Modern Warfare 2. They expect a more competitive environment than during last year’s release and are lowering their expectations accordingly. If they’re expecting less sales, are they lowering funding accordingly? Can we expect less of a game as a result?

In the end there’s nothing substantial to base any predictions on. Still, there’s plenty of questions to pose. With Infinity Ward still neck deep in multiplayer DLC, it will be interesting to see what kind of multiplayer Call of Duty 7 will implement. I can’t see them creating competition with themselves, but it might be unavoidable when you’re releasing a new game annually.

What do you think Call of Duty fans? What kind of features would you like to see added? Is it too early to start thinking about? What would make this game an instant buy?

Source:  OXM