According to Destructoid, the luxurious Commodore 64 emulation suite, C64 from Manomio, is currently available for download from the iTunes App Store for free. That’s correct: normally $4.99, this controversial and oft-rejected App Store favorite is currently available, to you, gratis.

Since there is no official-sale window, I contacted Manomio to get an idea of how long it will be free. Sadly, I didn’t get a response, but they are still tweeting that it is free. I suggest you head over there immediately and grab it before it’s too late.

[UPDATE] Mamonio contacted me today with news that it will be free for ‘the next few days’.  You just bought yourself an extension!

For me, the Commodore 64 was, is, and forever shall be, the best computer gaming system ever created by man. Today’s triple-A barn-stormers owe a lot to the king of 8-bit computing for reasons far too numerous to recount in a simple news post. Needless to say, the C64 was the best, and if you disagree, your argument is invalid.

Although my own C64 is gathering dust somewhere in my Dad’s attic, I can sate my thirst for retro-Commodore goodness by way of the C64 App whenever I want. The games are sold individually and are somewhat expensive, but there are some gems in the current roster, including Bruce Lee, Nebulus, Kickstart, Paradroid and Wizball. The soft joystick works, but it’s no substitute for the real thing. If only there were an alternative…

Source: Destructoid