Burnout Paradise: it was the game that took the Burnout formula to its absolute limits, and for many arcade racing enthusiasts, its a recipe whose open world and insane thrills have yet to to be exceeded. So when developer Criterion Games took over as trustees of the Need For Speed series, many saw Most Wanted‘s open environments and improved visuals as more a sequel to Paradise than an original title.

Now, it seems fans may not need to grapple with the lack of a proper sequel for much longer. It’s not an official announcement, but we now have a first sign that Burnout Paradise 2 is, indeed, on the minds of those behind the original.

Criterion’s creative director Alex Ward took to Twitter to give the first sign that a follow-up to Paradise may no longer be a mere pipe dream for fans. Playful tease or a genuine hint at what’s next for the studio? We’ll let you decide, as Ward first asked fans for input, before wryly informing Criterion’s official Twitter account (inactive since November) that he might handle things from here on out:

“If we were to make a sequel to Burnout Paradise – what should be in it?¬†#BurnoutParadise2″

“@criteriongames¬†think I better take over our Twitter account again. looks like we just forget to tweet anything…”

Need for Speed Most Wanted Launch Trailer

For many, Ward’s question will pose perhaps a more pertinent one: what would someone want from Burnout Paradise 2 that the studio didn’t already deliver in the form of Need For Speed: Most Wanted? The similarities between Most Wanted and Paradise were clear from the beginning, and anyone who spent a lengthy amount of time with either could tell that ‘spiritual successor’ was a fitting description (read our review).

If Criterion is planning a sequel next (and if EA allows them to take a break from the seemingly habitual development cycle of NFS) then it’s extremely likely – not to mention preferred by fans – that the game will be tailored to next-gen consoles. Since it’s still hard to get a sense of what those systems will make possible, who knows what Paradise 2 could bring? A bigger, more densely-populated Paradise City, or an entirely new experience?

We’ll keep you updated on news of Burnout Paradise 2 as it comes, but for now, simply repeat Ward’s question to our readers: what would¬†you like to see changed or improved in a Paradise 2? Sound off in the comments.

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Source: Alex Ward