Three Fields Entertainment, the indie studio behind Dangerous Golf and made up of former Burnout developers, reveals that it is currently working on a brand new racing game.

When news of the PS4’s ability to play upscaled PS2 games originally broke, the gaming community immediately started thinking about exactly what classics they wanted from PS4 emulation. Unsurprisingly, the Burnout series was near the top of many gamers’ lists, given the franchise’s stellar history on the PS2. However, it now looks as though fans of the series will be getting a spiritual successor of sorts, courtesy of a team of former series developers.

Three Fields Entertainment is the studio in question. Made up of former Burnout  developers, the studio caught the eyes of many through the release of over-the-top miniature golf title Dangerous Golf. Although the title may not have performed as well critically as Three Fields might have expected, it seems to have proven to be a good enough springboard for the studio to turn its attention to a brand new racing game.

The news of this new racing title was revealed by Alex Ward, who heads up Three Fields Entertainment. Speaking on Twitter, Ward announced that “work has begun on a new driving game.” Although other details were not confirmed by the developer, fans of the Burnout series will no doubt be awaiting further news on what Three Fields has in store.

Work has begun on a driving game.— Alex Ward (@CrashedAlex) July 27, 2016

It also backs up former comments made by the Three Fields Entertainment team. Previously, the studio had confirmed that a spiritual successor to Burnout was on the cards, advising that speed, traffic, and “lots and lots of crashing” could be expected from the title – albeit after work on another project had finished, which was later confirmed to be Dangerous Golf. Now, the studio has been managed to turn this previous promise into a reality.

Dangerous Golf may have had its flaws, but the title did show that Three Fields Entertainment has the same knack for destructive fun that its collective minds had when making Burnout games. It bodes well for the future of whatever racing game the team has planned, although expectations for the project will likely be ramped up, given the pedigree of the team working on it.

However, fans of the Burnout series may need to set their sights a little lower this time around. Three Fields Entertainment certainly doesn’t have the same resources as were available to make Burnout titles, so it may have to feel a little closer to the earlier entries in the series than the larger scope of the later games. That said, fans of the franchise may be so starved without a Burnout HD collection that a return to the classic gameplay could truly be applauded.

Source: Twitter