Burnout Creators Reveal New Driving Game

Burnout creators racing game Dangerous Driving

Racing game franchise Burnout is one of the most beloved driving series around and fans have been eager to play more of it in recent years. Series publisher EA did release Burnout Paradise Remastered, which enhanced the 2008 open-world racing game, but a totally new entry in the franchise hasn't happened yet.

A fully-fledged Burnout game may not be in the cards, but indie studio Three Fields Entertainment may have the solution. Three Fields was founded by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry (founders of Burnout creator Criterion) and the studio's latest game, called Dangerous Driving, is as close to a Burnout successor as fans could get for quite some time. This is the studio's fifth game following Dangerous Golf, Danger Zone 1 and 2, and Lethal VR.

Just like Burnout, Dangerous Driving is all about racing and destruction. The announcement trailer features lots of explosive physics as players can bump opposing cars off the road, giving them a nudge into oncoming traffic or a hard shove out of the way. Opponents are described as "ruthless," however, so players shouldn't expect them to be such literal pushovers.

There are several game modes in Dangerous Driving including Takedown races, Heatwave races (which involve chaining combos), and Eliminator which sounds like a driving battle royale game where players have to be the last one standing. There's also Road Rage, and Pursuit Mode, which borrows a bit from Need for Speed Most Wanted as players try to apprehend suspects.

Burnout Paradise was full of advertisements to see and achievements to complete. While Dangerous Driving won't be quite as large, it sounds as though it will still have a lot to offer players. Three Fields confirms that the game will have 30 courses, set in seven different locations, eight event types, and new abilities and vehicles to unlock. In addition to offline play, Dangerous Driving players will be able to take the racing action online and compete against seven other players.

Dangerous Driving does sound as though it will scratch the itch that Burnout fans have held for more than a decade now. When last asked about it two years ago, EA said that a new Burnout game isn't in development. The publisher had also merged Burnout developer Criterion with Ghost Games, the developer which is working on the Need for Speed franchise, with a new Need for Speed game scheduled to come out later this year.

Dangerous Driving is set to launch on April 9, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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