Burnout CRASH! is available now for download and to celebrate the latest entry in the Burnout franchise, a new trailer featuring David Hasselhoff as the “Master of Disaster” was sent to us and wow, is it special. The Hoff shows gamers why using the Kinect will the preferred method to play this game by utilizing his “Egg-Laying” technique.

The developers at Criterion are known for making their games a ton of fun to play, especially with friends. Everyone had a blast with Burnout Paradise and its many DLC packs, including the Burnout Paradise Party Pack. Criterion plans to take party games to the next level with Burnout CRASH! and the additional Microsoft’s Kinect controls.

In this Burnout CRASH! trailer you’ll see a bunch of people at a costume party, having a grand old time playing the game. Criterion producer Matt Webster even gets in on the fun dressed as The Hoff. That’s when the real David Hasselhoff comes in, takes over and extreme awkwardness ensues. Check the video below to see David use the Kinect to its full potential.


Those who were able to get past David Hasselhoff in a chicken suit were able to witness how the Kinect works with Burnout CRASH! We got an idea in the last Burnout CRASH! gameplay trailer, but without the costumed revelers jumping in front of a T.V.

Criterion created this mode exclusively for the Kinect and in it, up to 14 players split into teams and use specific gestures, like David’s egg-laying technique, to rack up the highest score.

No doubt many fans of the series have already downloaded this title and are having a blast laying eggs on ice cream trucks and lobster monsters. Now, many more gamers are probably rushing to download the title after seeing Hasselhoff in a chicken suit.

Burnout CRASH! Is available now on PSN and XBLA. Have you tried this game with Kinect? Is it as fun as the Hoff made it out to be? Let us know in the comments.

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