Bungie 20th Anniversary Video O Brave New World

Ever since the release of the original Xbox back in 2001, Bungie has became a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The Halo franchise helped establish Xbox and Microsoft as a serious competitor in the the industry – and also brought the once PC-centric first person shooter franchise to the home console.

To celebrate Bungie’s twenty years in the industry and their new partnership with Activision, the team has released “O Brave New World,” a near one-hour long documentary detailing their history – as well as their plans going forward.

“O Brave New World” shares many interviews and thoughts from members of the Bungie team, as well as from industry figures that have gotten to know the studio over the years.

Bungie has had a long history throughout their twenty years in existence. While most of their current fans no doubt exist because of the Halo franchise, Bungie has a solid history of making great games such as the Marathon series and the Myth series – as well as the title Oni. As detailed in the video, Marathon and Myth were both innovative in their own ways – with Marathon being one of the first examples of a first person shooter for the Mac platform and Myth being the first RTS to remove the cumbersome micro managing feature from the genre.


The video details Bungie’s apprehension and excitement of moving forward and away from the Halo franchise and onto new things. While the Halo franchise has always been very lucrative for the developer, the team at Bungie just doesn’t feel like they can work on Halo for the rest of their lives. As stated in the video, they find it exciting to be the underdog again, and now they have to fight to show their fans they’ve still got what it takes to make other great games.

Bungie has always treated their fans with tremendous respect, just look at the Halo: Reach credits to see how much the studio appreciates theirĀ appreciates their fans. As Bungie closes the book on their work on the Halo saga – and 343 takes over – fans are definitely excited to see what comes next from the studio.

What is your favorite Bungie game or moment in the current Halo saga?

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