Bungie Previous Trademarks are Destiny Factions

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the next title from Bungie, famed creators of the hugely successful Halo franchise – but we’re slowly starting to get a picture of what their next game might entail.

Now with more information coming from an anonymous source, some of the rumors surrounding Destiny are starting to become more solid – especially now that it seems their next game will contain several factions.

Trademarks have been at the center of most of the information that’s been gathered so far about Destiny. The name Destiny itself was only recently revealed as being attached to Bungie when an intrepid sleuth did some digging and was able to find a trademark filing for the name attached to a company owned by Bungie’s President Harold Ryan and Composer Martin O’Donnell.

Several other trademarks were discovered earlier this year when it was revealed that Bungie had registered, “New Monarchs,” “Seven Seraphs,” “Osiris,” and “Dead Orbit.” We speculated on what these names might mean but now there might be some concrete evidence for a clearer picture.

The same NeoGaf member that shared a picture of a Bungie employee sporting a shirt with a strange logo – during a ping pong tournament between Bungie and Penny Arcade – has now been given some insider information regarding what that logo means. The information comes from a source who doesn’t work for Bungie, but wanted to remain anonymous all the same.

Bungie Employee Rocks Destiny Logo

The source claims that a prominent Bungie employee showed him several simple symbols, each with its own color, that could easily correspond to the four trademarks discovered earlier this year. In fact, we’ve likely already been given our first glimpse at one of them. The logo t-shirt of the Bungie employee at the ping pong tournament could easily be representative of the “Seven Seraphs” with the logo sporting both a 7 and a design that might be interpreted as an angel’s wings (blended in with a spacecraft).

It was revealed to the source that the logos were representative of game factions – which would each have their own base of operations. These bases would be distinct to each group and would function as a place where members of the respective faction could discuss tactics privately.

Destiny has been rumored to be an MMO for quite some time now, with a comment from Bungie Creative Director Joe Staten hinting that their next game was going to be sporting a persistent online world. If factions are in the works for Destiny, then the likelihood that it is an MMO of some kind seems to be rising – especially with each new piece of information revealed about it.

Which faction do you think has the coolest name? Are you hoping that Destiny is an MMO?

Source: Daily Joypad