Though developer Bungie has moved on from the franchise that made them a household name (at least as far as Xbox 360 and PC owners are concerned), that doesn’t mean that gamers aren’t interested in the company’s future endeavors. While we haven’t heard much, aside from a few rumors, about what Bungie has in store for their future, the developer teased that a big reveal is on its way soon.

According to a post on the developer’s official blog, the company has been hard at work on a big project that they plan to make an announcement about on July 7th — which just so happens to be Bungie Day.

For those who might be quick to make the connection that since Bungie Day occurs after E3 that means the company has nothing planned for the event, rest assured that Bungie Day is only when a big site-specific announcement will be made.

As the post states, Bungie is attempting to keep several “balls” in the air at this moment, but in the weeks ahead, some of those “balls” will fall into place. So, what we can draw from the rather colorful analogy is that Bungie might unleash some Destiny details at E3, but those will pale in comparison to what gamers will see on Bungie Day.

Although rumors about Destiny, and its MMO inclinations, have popped up here and there, very few concrete details about the project have been revealed. Some of the company’s trademarks have even suggested that not only is Bungie working on one title, but perhaps even a piece of mobile software as well.

We might not know much at this point in time, but Bungie’s tease is more than enough to get those rumor wheels spinning. The company, who always makes a splash at E3, cannot go without, at least, making an appearance. Whether it’s going to be a brief tease or a full-scale demo is still unknown, but gamers should be eagerly anticipating whatever it is.

What would you like to see Bungie unveil at E3? Do you think that the developer has as much clout as it did with the Halo series?

Source: Bungie

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