As we all know by now Activision will now be publishing for Bungie for the next 10 years. When Brian Jarrard was interviewed by Edge he couldn’t help but speak highly of his “brothers in arms” Blizzard.

When asked if there could be a potential team up in the works Jarrard said it was “too early to say”, but it seems like he certainly wouldn’t mind doing so:

“Well, you know, I’m not sure, I don’t know yet, it’s probably too early to say. But across all of Activision there’s a lot of different expertise that we don’t necessarily have internally, so we’re definitely looking towards tapping into that and helping educate and inform where we’re heading and how we implement our next game.”

Brian was also asked how Bungie felt potentially developing games on the PS3:

“We’re excited about the prospect of what that means but I’d be lying if some of the guys aren’t a little bit terrified as well. We’re very comfortable and have intimately come to know the Xbox over the last decade and I think the team loves to tackle new challenges and opportunities, but it definitely will be a new step for us.”

Bungie developing multi-platform titles certainly does seem odd, but it’s a reality that we are going to have to let sink in. What would you like to see out of a Bungie and Blizzard team up? Do you think Bungie will do well on the PS3?

Bungie’s latest game, Halo: Reach, is set to release later this year, but you can get your hands on the multiplayer beta tomorrow if you have a copy of Halo 3: ODST.

Source: Edge