Bungie Sends Out Beta Tester Invites

Beta Invites to Bungie's New Game

Bungie's next game will be published by Activision, and it's not another Halo. Beyond that, practically nothing is known about the upcoming project, which has been kept out of sight from anxious on-lookers. Bungie's new game may still be a months away from even a partial reveal, but that hasn't stopped them from sending out links to a beta signup survey.

Those who were fortunate enough to receive the email were quickly disappointed to learn that the survey it links to is not up-and-running. Instead, the link takes those who click it to a page that informs all who visit that the "survey is not live." Below this proclamation is text that states that the survey has been suspended "for the time being due to technical difficulties." Bungie then reassures those who visit the page that they haven't missed out on the beta, and that they will be contacted again once everything is sorted out. "Relax, go play some Halo."

The emails that have been sent out are extremely simple, but still keep Bungie's appreciated humor intact. Check out what the official email has to say:

"At some point, perhaps during a profound lapse in judgment, you checked a box on and asked to become a Bungie Beta Tester. Today, we present your first challenge. Click the sign up link below, fill out all the questions, and become an official member of the Bungie Beta Tester program."

"Bungie Beta Testers help us make Bungie games great.  It might be as simple as answering a few questions or you might be asked to take part in an in-person research study.  No matter how you help out, rest assured that we’ll find a way to say “'hanks.' Now, do your worst."

Speculation regarding Bungie's soon to be announced title has reached an all-time high. It was previously "announced" that the project was a new MMO, but Bungie has since stated that they were only joking when they made that claim. Trademarks filed and jobs listed by the company have so far failed to produce any meaningful information. Even an alleged leaked screenshot that was said to be from Bungie's newest game has been debunked, so at this point fans of the developer are ready for just about anything.

The beta invites are a good sign that the title is moving along as expected, but odds are they were shot off prematurely and that's why the survey is still MIA. Bungie could potentially have something ready to show off at this week's PAX East, though nobody should be holding their breath for that one. It seems like the most likely place for Bungie's next title to make an appearance is center stage at this year's E3, which Game Rant will be covering.

Would you like to get in on the beta for Bungie's new game? What do you think their new title could be?


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