In preparation for the upcoming Halo: Reach beta, Bungie has released a Halo: Reach Beta Guide. The guide includes details on: which playlists will be available, and when they’ll become available to play; which maps and game modes are included in each playlist; general instructions for how to access the beta; and introductions to character customization, ranks, and The Armory.

The beta begins on May 3, will run for 17 days and end on May 19. Though there’s also an early release for the beta that begins tomorrow.

Halo Reach ViDoc

Here’s the schedule for the various playlists, and the modes that are included in each of them:

  1. Grab Bag – May 3 – A mix of 4v4 Slayer and Objective Games
    • 1 Flag CTF; Stockpile; Oddball; Team Crazy King; 3 Plots; Team Slayer; Team SWAT; Covy Team Slayer
  2. Free For All – May 3 – 8 Man FFA. Spartans only.
    • Slayer; Slayer Pro Round; Classic Slayer; Oddball; Crazy King; Juggernaut; Headhunter
  3. Arena – May 3 – 4v4 Team Slayer Playlist. Focuses on Team Slayer and variations thereof. Spartans only.
    • Team Slayer; Team Slayer Pro; Classic Slayer
  4. Invasion – May 7 – 6v6 (Three 2-man fireteams vs Three 2-man fireteams), Spartans vs. Elites
    • Invasion; Invasion Slayer
  5. Network Test 1 – May 14 – 3v3, Spartans vs. Elites
    • Generator Defense – A test of the Halo: Reach multiplayer netcode under stressed conditions. Expect a few hiccups.

And there’s the Halo: Reach beta for you. Seventeen days doesn’t seem very long, but it should be plenty of time for players to decide whether to take the plunge and purchase the full game (or the deeper plunger and purchase the legendary edition).

When the beta formally begins, we’ll make sure to put up an announcement post, and perhaps our gamertags as well. A Game Rant team of destruction, or an embarrassing situation waiting to happen? We’ll find out on May 3.

Halo: Reach is scheduled for release exclusively for the Xbox 360 in Fall, 2010.

Source: Bungie Beta Guide