Bungie Done with Map Packs, Still Involved with 'Reach' For Now

Bungie Done With Reach Map Packs

Since Bungie parted ways with Microsoft, part of the deal was to leave their beloved IP in the hands of the technology giant. Knowing that Halo: Reach was Bungie's last foray with the Halo Universe, it's expected that they will be moving on to other projects and leaving the future of the Halo franchise in the hands of another studio - and this is true, but still is in the transitional phase.Sparing their typical witty banter on their blog, Bungie made some clarifications in a post regarding what they are and are not still working on with Halo: Reach currently and in the near future.

Although the Defiant Map Pack is being developed by Certain Affinity and not the original Halo house that is Bungie, that's about the only thing they aren't handling with Reach right now.

Community Manager at Bungie, Urk, laid out exactly what it is they are no longer working on, going forward with the franchise:

We are not building map packs for Halo: Reach and we’re not working on any engine modifications, with code pressed tightly to metal.

With that, there are some facets of the franchise that they are still supporting until Microsoft fully takes the reigns. Bungie still fully supports Reach, and is also working closely with 343 Industries to ensure a smooth transition.

Additionally, according to Urk, they will continue to work on the multiplayer experience:

You can also expect us to continue infusing Halo: Reach’s online game with plentiful playlist additions and upgrades, the best community-crafted maps we can get our hands on, and some outstanding community contests and events that we’ll start talking more about in the weeks and months ahead

Knowing they are basically passing off their baby to another studio, it seems they are taking great care in doing so to make sure the process is seamless and without a hitch. This shows the studios passion in the franchise they created, as well as it's faith in the future of Halo.

Urk closed out the air-clearing post with an exciting nod towards fans of the franchise:

If you’ve been riding the Bungie ride for a good number of years, you already know the drill. The days and months ahead hold a ton of surprises, so stick around — we don’t plan on going out with a whimper.

Looks like Bungie is planning on making it a fun exit for both themselves and their fans. Between keeping the matchmaking exciting and new, launching contests and what seems to be other surprises to be revealed, it's evident that Bungie never likes a dull party.

What would you like to see Bungie do with Halo: Reach before they bow out?

Source: Bungie

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