Bungie's Newfound Freedom May Lead To Better Games

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If you haven't been living under a rock or exiled from popular culture for the past seven years, you'll know that Halo is one of the most popular game franchises in history. Bungie, the studio behind the brilliant FPS, is no longer tied to their Microsoft exclusive contract and will be able to develop games for any platform they so choose, an ability that will hopefully bring about even better games than the existing Halo games.

Bungie's community manager, Brian Jarrard spoke to CVG and had some exciting thoughts about developing for new platforms:

"I think Bungie is better poised now to do great things than we ever have been in the history of our studio, just in terms of our infrastructure, our new office, our team are at over 180 employees now, our Activision partnership, the creative control that we have, our freedom, our funding...There's not anything holding us back now. It's up to us to sink or swim and execute our own destiny, really try and bring our next big universe to life. [We want to] try and define a brand new type of gaming for a decade to come."

Bungie's support for Halo will not stop, considering Reach is going to be one of the biggest games of the year, Jarrard has confirmed that Bungie resources will still be supporting the title and ensuring the quality of the game remains consistent.

"We're going to have a team that's supporting Reach beyond launch obviously and those guys are actively doing stuff now to get matchmaking ready for launch."

With a large number of employees in the mix, the support of a major video game publisher, and a pedigree that is hard to match, Bungie should have no problems creating whatever game they feel like making. The guys at Bungie are pretty smart cookies and I find it unfathomable that they wouldn't be able to produce a product that everyone will appreciate in their own way. And I don't know about you, but I'm very much looking forward to a non-Halo made Bungie game. Even if the next one might be on a console that doesn't exist yet. And for all you fans of the Halo games, don't worry, there might be some more on the way.

To tide your needs of awesome games, Halo: Reach will be coming out September 14, 2010 exclusively for Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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