Bungie Bids Farewell to 'Halo'

Bungie Bids Farewell to Halo Franchise

When publisher Activision and Bungie signed their publishing deal for a decade during April 2010, fans of the iconic Halo franchise recognized that the developer's involvement in the IP pointed towards an inevitable end. The studio formally announced exactly that when an early August date was set for the series to make its transition to Microsoft.

That day arrived this weekend with the Halo franchise officially completing its switch from Bungie to Microsoft and its internal studio, 343 Industries. Operating Bungie Pro via their website will now cease to exist, while the company's responsibility of updating statistics and player files, as well as hosting user generated content has now fallen onto the shoulders of the Xbox 360 platform holder.

The transition away from Halo for Bungie began during the summer of 2011 as 343 Industries started to take over the helm of the brand that was evidenced via the confirmation of the developer working on Halo 4 during E3. 343 also worked on the campaign segment of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a remake of the original Halo.

Yesterday however, the full transition was completed, confirmed by Bungie themselves who bid farewell to the series they created via a huge infographic detailing a multitude of statistics from previous iterations. With Halo being one of the IPs which spearheaded Microsoft's gaming console division, it was expected that players have cumulatively racked up impressive statistics [Click to enlarge]:

Halo statistics

Bungie had formerly confirmed that "all existing historical Halo data" present on will remain on the website as long as the Internet is operational, in addition to the developer's data storage systems remain intact.

As for the transition itself, all Halo support will now be handled by 343 Industries and Microsoft via Halo Waypoint which acts as the series' hub for everything Halo.

Personally, my favorite moment in the series would be racking up triple kills in Halo 3's online multiplayer component which was made all that more satisfying via the narrator's "triple kill" confirmation. Ranters, what are your most memorable experiences in any Bungie-developed Halo title?

343 Industries' Halo 4 - the first title in a new trilogy - is currently scheduled for a release during fall, 2012.


Source:, Image credit: Halo Wikia

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