Despite a grand unveiling for Bungie’s first project in a post-Halo era, there are still a number of questions that fans have about the new game, Destiny. Even after confirming that the title would be making the jump to the PlayStation 4, it still isn’t clear how the final product will actually turn out, but some recent trademark filings may allude to the contents of the new game. That said, they still fail to reveal anything of significance.

A total of five separate trademark applications were filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office by the developer, and if Bungie receives the trademarks it’s requested then it’ll be able to create a number of different products outside of its impending video game. These trademarks cover everything from new software, novels, and television shows to Halloween costumes, ringtones, and even shoes.

Cabal, Fallen, Glimmer, Hive, and Vex are the five properties in question that Bungie is gunning for, and a few of those names will seem familiar to those who’ve been following the development of Destiny as of late. Cabal and Vex are both the names of enemy factions in the new game, while the word Fallen was used on the limited edition posters that gamers can still score by pre-ordering a copy of the title.

That just leaves Glimmer and Hive, both of which haven’t been seen in any of the promotional materials released to date. It’s possible that they too will end up being factions within the Destiny universe, but fans won’t know until Bungie and Activision actually get around to revealing more information about the alleged blockbuster.

Destiny‘s initial reveal and all sequential information that’s trickled out in recent weeks has only bestowed curious onlookers with more enquiries than facts, so there will definitely be a lot more to look forward to as we approach the game’s inevitable release.

Destiny is currently sans release date, but will be arriving on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4.

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Source: Cabal, Fallen, Glimmer, Hive, and Vex (via GameSpot)