My favorite stories involve real people doing real good things for others. With the media so focused on stories of gloom and doom, those of people helping others, through charitable or courageous acts, and of people standing up for and protecting their community, stand out that much more. It’s those people, like a Bangkok firefighter dressing up as Spider-Man to save an autistic boy, who set the examples we need in our lives.

Today, we have another such example that comes straight from a member of the video game industry, involving courage and upholding justice in the community.

Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise, have shown the world what a variety of futuristic human and alien weapons can do when shot non-stop for hours on end. The employees of Bungie however, know that real life doesn’t work that way (see, video games don’t lead to violence!).

Here’s how the story goes: Last night in Seattle, a fight broke out between two men in the parking lot of a U.S. bank over what is believed to be a drug deal. One of them shot the other after both drew firearms, meanwhile this feud was being witnessed by Jeff Fletcher, a Bungie employee, and his friend who had pulled up to use an ATM machine.

They noticed the gunman fleeing towards them so Fletcher, having his own legally concealed firearm and being an ex-security officer, hid behind the ATM waiting while his pal hid in the car. As the Covenant Elite criminal approached, Fletcher pointed his gun at him and ordered him to drop his weapon and get on the ground. And the gunman did just that.

Sergeant John Urquhart of the local police describes the scene when his forces arrived:

“When we got here, the shooter was searched, in handcuffs and sitting down on the curb.”

So, Fletcher, an IT worker for Bungie, successfully performed a dangerous, yet successful citizen’s arrest, delivering his own form of the hammer of justice (see above image). He does not recommend you do the same however, if facing a similarly dangerous situation, as he explains afterward he just reacted to the moment as it was happening. Fletcher understands it was dangerous, but clarifies that for ex-Army and ex-police officers with training, if they’re willing to accept the risk to protect their community, he’s is all for it.

We’re glad you didn’t get hurt, Jeff!

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Source King 5 (via Bungie)

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