Bungie Teases 'Destiny' With Cryptic T-Shirts

Bungie Destiny Shirt Tease

It's incredible to think that Bungie, the development studio behind one of the largest video game franchises of all time, is working on a project that absolutely nobody seems to know about. Before running the risk of losing all interest in exactly what Destiny is, the studio has teased a future reveal of the game with mysteriously-logo-ed t-shirts, for sale in celebration of Bungie Day 2012.

Speculation has surrounded Destiny, and its possible relation to the company's past projects since it was first trademarked alongside strange iconography seen being sported by Bungie employees. Since then only rumors and theories have shed any light on the game's direction (or even genre).

Bungie isn't taking the lid off of the project any time soon, but are getting increasingly cryptic. Few developers can put a t-shirt up for sale sporting a completely unknown logo for a completely unknown game and have it sell well, but the minds behind Halo are certainly capable.

Have a look at the new t-shirts - what Bungie calls "an enigma from our future release" - available for sale from the company's website now:

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The triangular logo has been tied to the 'New Monarchy' trademark previously filed, with the shirt being called "fit for a king" seemingly confirming the connection. As for the 'FWC' logo, all bets are off. Hopefully the team isn't secretly working on a 'Fun With Cows' Facebook tie-in...although from Bungie we might be willing to give a try.

In an ideal world Bungie would allow fans to get excited for the company's next release while also being informed, but with a no-show at E3 2012, the biggest chance to provide an update was passed on. In fact, the only concrete facts about the Xbox 360-exclusivity of Destiny's first installment came courtesy of the Activision/Infinity Ward lawsuit.

Sadly, court cases can't be counted on for regular insights into the game's plot or basic mechanics. It's likely that the game won't stray too far from the alien mythology that Bungie has delved into from their earliest beginnings, but whether it will officially belong in the Halo universe is anyone's guess. The creators have nothing but confidence in 343's future with Halo 4, but so many years spent creating the extended universe would be a shame to cast aside in starting all over again.

Any theories on what the new logo could hint at? Hopefully this means that Bungie is looking to at least provide some names or locations for Destiny, but it could still be some time before any official details are released.


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source: Bungie (via GameInformer)

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