Bungie Doesn't Have Plans for a Destiny PS4 Pro Upgrade


Video game developer Bungie reveals that it currently does not have plans to give its science fiction shooter Destiny an upgrade for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Ever since Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 Pro, it seems as if a lot of development studios have been determined to make gamers aware of the fact that its titles are going to be compatible with the system's 4K-capable and high dynamic range graphics once it launches later this year. As it happens, those companies' releases that support or feature enhancements on the forthcoming console are going to have a new logo on their box art that reflects the games' improvements for the system.

However, when it comes to Destiny, Bungie's action-RPG will remain without that particular PS4 Pro emblem for the time being, as the studio currently has no plans on giving the science fiction shooter an upgrade patch for the console's refined visuals. Be that as it may, Bungie hasn't ruled it out completely, as the developer admitted in a round-table interview attended and documented by the press outlet GameSpot that it is in fact "looking at" support for Destiny on the PS4 Pro. Nevertheless, the studio has indicated its fans shouldn't expect it to happen soon.

More specifically, Bungie was directly asked the question, "Are you planning on any support for PS4 Pro?" This, in turn, caused the developer to bluntly state, "No, not for Rise of Iron. We're all done. As far as the future . . . We have nothing to announce today, but we'll certainly be looking at it."


Bungie's decision to eschew a PlayStation 4 Pro upgrade patch at the moment could strike some Destiny fans as an odd occurrence. For instance, the studio and Sony have had a pretty close relationship with one another over the years, as PS3 and PS4 players have always been given early access to various content like Strikes, gear, and Crucible maps.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Bungie won't ever give Destiny the enhancements for peak performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro. After all, the studio has only declared that an upgrade patch won't be for its next expansion in Rise of Iron. With this being the case, there's a high likelihood for the developer to ensure that Destiny's proper sequel that's due out in 2017 goes on to get PS4 Pro support, and then it will most definitely give the vanilla version of the game a retroactive update.

Beyond Destiny potentially never receiving PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements, it's safe to say a lot of would-be Guardians are more focused on the impending release of Rise of Iron to even worry about receiving high-fidelity visuals that aren't even available to the general public yet. Not to mention, now that private matches have finally been enabled, Destiny players are undoubtedly too busy enjoying better control over their matches' parameters to be completely upset at the possible lack of PS4 Pro updates in the future.

Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion is set to release on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot (via GamesRadar)

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