Bungie posts its final weekly blog post for the year, which addresses the lack of new content being announced while also affirming that Destiny will never be finished.

With nary a word from Bungie about upcoming content for Destiny going into 2017, some players may be wondering what the company has planned for the series in the near future. In the final weekly blog post of the year, Bungie laid out what’s currently happening at the studio to sate their curiosity.

Destiny is currently celebrating its holiday event, The Dawning, which has shown to be a major improvement over the game’s lackluster Halloween event. It appears that Bungie is merely doing the same, enjoying the holidays. “We’ll get back to business as usual once the eggnog leaves our blood,” Bungie wrote.


As for what’s coming around the bend, Bungie assures fans that the company will continue to chug along. The company promises to bring new content to players as soon as its available.

Until we talk again, work will continue at Bungie. It always does. Destiny is never finished. We have playtests of new content to share with each other.

This doesn’t mean all Bungie staffers will be out hanging tinsel and roasting chestnuts. A live operations team will continue to be available to deal with any Destiny issues that may arise, while others will monitor messages and forums to keep in contact with players. “You’ll see us on the social networks and forums where we stay connected. And of course, there is always a Bungie squad in the building to ensure the game can flow,” the company noted.

Bungie finished the last post of 2016 with one final message. “Thanks for playing our games, Guardians. We’ll have more to show you next year. But that’s a conversation for another time. For now, let it snow.”


For now, what Bungie has planned for next year a mystery. But, presumably, more information on the direction of Destiny, and what’s to become of the series, will be among the first things addressed once the holidays are over.

Destinyand its impending 2017 release is approaching, and most have no clue what the sequel will be due to a lack of details from Bungie outside of a confirmation it exists and is coming next year.

Recently, a fan discovered a collection of items in the game’s database labeled “classified.” The information on each item was deliberately hidden from prying eyes, so nothing of note can been gleaned from these files. But this could indicate new content is waiting in the wings.

Until the holidays are over, it doesn’t appear as if Bungie is ready to divulge anything new before the egg nog is polished off and the staff has had a well-earned vacation. It might be best we all take a page from that book and save the speculation for next year.

Destiny is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.