After two substantial leaks blew the lid of Bungie’s forthcoming project Destiny it seemed like a safe bet to assume the developer was planning on a big announcement at last year’s Spike Video Game Awards. Unfortunately, as we all know, that never came to pass, but we now known when that official reveal will take place.

Though it might night be as substantial an announcement as some Bungie fans might hope, the developer has revealed GDC will be the place that they show off the “brave new world” of Destiny. More specifically, Bungie writer and Design Director Joe Staten and Art Director Christopher Barrett will be part of a panel that provides just “a glimpse” of “where the next ten years of great Bungie adventures will unfold.”

We had already learned a little bit about Destiny‘s game world as part of one of those previously mentioned leaks, but this will be the first time gamers hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. One of the biggest things we’re looking to hear Bungie explain is what exactly that giant planet-size object is floating above the game world and how it plays into the overall fiction.

From the GDC official site — that revealed this Bungie panel — we know the focus will be placed more on the “design process” of Bungie rather than specifically Destiny, although we’re sure the game will come up more than a few times. Either way, don’t expect for GDC to be the place that definitively clarifies some of the major questions hovering over Destiny, like how the game’s unique co-op and sandbox elements work.

If I were a betting man I might say E3 2013 would be a more appropriate place for Bungie to open the Destiny floodgates, but we’ve already been wrong once about the game. And the sooner we know more the sooner gamers can get excited.

There’s also not a specific date for the panel, but we’re sure as the Game Developer’s Conference nears there will be more details on that. The Conference itself runs from March 25-29.

What are you hoping to hear Bungie reveal about their design process, specifically how it relates to Destiny?

Source: GDC

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