Bungie Not at E3 2012

Fans of the popular development studio Bungie have no doubt been anticipating their first foray into the game market post-Halo, but the company have confirmed that fans will be definitely be waiting past June to hear any more news about their next game.

According to some legal files obtained from the Call of Duty legal proceedings between Activision and West/Zampella it was discovered that the Bungie-Activision deal has the studio set to produce four sci-fi games each codenamed Destiny, the first of which is to come to Xbox 360/720 by next Fall. Both studio and publisher have kept tight lips on the projects, which led fans to believe that Bungie might make an announcement at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which takes place this June.

When asked if Bungie had prepared a booth for the upcoming E3 Expo this June, their response was simple:

“Nope. We never started one, and we’re not going to be at E3 in any official capacity this year. Some of us will be there, lurking from booth to booth, but don’t expect any announcements.”

While it’s not uncommon for some companies to skip the convention entirely (Valve did this in 2011), it’s always an indication that while they’re hard at work on a new project, they need some time to make it presentable – especially if it’s going in front of the world’s most watched gaming expo. If Bungie is truly working on four different projects at once, or if they’re just one giant project, it probably won’t be until E3 2013 that we really start to see a polished and presentable project.

The last time Bungie was truly in the spotlight, it was when they bid farewell to the Halo franchise they created with Halo: Reach, and then presumably started on their 10-year publishing arrangement with Activision. Whatever Destiny ends up being, though, won’t be revealed in the next few weeks.

Game Rant will have several staff members down at E3 2012, Bungie or not, to give you the fastest news possible as it becomes announced.

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Source: Game Informer