How Bungie Used Destiny to Dominate Social Media

By | 1 year ago 

Social media is a powerful form of outreach, providing one-stop update convenience for users, and a way for companies to create new fans. Even so, despite the exploding numbers of users on sites like Instagram and Twitch, many companies don’t fully utilize these technologies.

Bungie, however, is making a solid attempt to make the most of their social media accounts. Through some clever planning, Bungie revealed new info on Destiny: The Taken King, all while , and is making the most of its accounts on social media by delivering their Destiny updates straight to their followers.

Bungie’s latest brainchild, Destiny, doesn’t really need much help in conquering the gaming market. On its first day in existence, Destiny netted $500 million, a number that could even make Rockstar Studios take notice. With Year 2 and The Taken King on the way, bringing all-new loot, upgraded old exotic weapons, and new adventures for Guardians to partake of, Destiny should continue to be a powerful force for a long time to come.

Even so, it never hurts to bring new players into the fold, especially with the Holiday shopping season rapidly approaching. Bungie appears to have brilliantly done just that, by broadcasting reveals and sneak-peeks of the updates directly onto Instagram and Twitch, ultimately gaining tons of new followers in the process.

Bungie cleverly chose to build hype for The Taken King by announcing on Instagram that Xur would be revealing new exotics only available in The Taken King. The catch? Xur would reveal them on Instagram, rather than appearing in-game as he normally does. As a result, Bungie’s Instagram account exploded in numbers, pushing them from 100k followers to more than doubling their numbers, ending up at a hearty 240k.

Destiny The Taken King Exotic Xur Instagram Appearance

At the same time, Bungie tapped the large audience of viewers on Twitch that watch Destiny playthroughs. While livestreams of Destiny got a lot of attention, Bungie’s official Twitch account did not. That all changed when they announced that they would be holding 3 separate livestreams showing off all the new equipment, weapons, and gameplay from the upcoming Year 2 and The Taken King update. Their first Destiny stream skyrocketed in viewers, and they’re now steadily receiving over 250,000 viewers per stream.

Bungie has always made a strong effort to stay in touch with their player base, posting the Bungie Weekly Update to keep their users informed and involved. Fully utilizing social media, however, is a great way to reach out to people who would have no interest in the weekly update, and may not know a thing about Destiny to begin with.

While one could argue that chances are the people watching the streams on Twitch and following Bungie on Instagram are already players, social media will undoubtedly bring even more players to Destiny in the months to come. As the popularity for a channel or page rises, that page is suggested to more and more users, so people who currently have no interest in Bungie or Destiny may be drawn in by the suggestions.

Guardians, after this recent social media push, are you following Bungie in some shape or form on social media? Did you watch the Destiny: The Taken King reveals on Twitch? Do you think it’s cool to be tapped into what a developer is doing directly, rather than learning from a second party? Let us know in the comments.