There are few games more ambitious in scale and scope than Bungie’s Destiny, that much was made apparent as soon as the famed developer opted to officially reveal the title back in February. It’s hard to imagine a new IP rising to prominence and rivalling the likes of Bungie’s past creation, Halo, but the developer is determined to do just that. Introducing console gamers to an MMO-like open-world, there’s something immediately different about Destiny that hasn’t ever been touched upon by Bungie or any other game company.

The premise of Destiny is admirable, but there are still a number of enquiries that fans have regarding the new title. Fortunately a few questions may have been addressed in a recent interview between Bungie design director Joe Staten and IGN, in which Staten elaborated on a handful of the story-related co-op mechanics that’ll be present in the game.

“In the same way we’re making your heroic story, your legend, that carries over into the cinematics. You’re the star of the cinematics as much as you’re the star of your own heroic tale. So if you’re playing in a co-op way, we’re not going to do that crappy thing that happened in the old Halo games where, if you’re playing co-op, you don’t show up… you’re not the primary role.”

Co-operative play will have a huge role in Destiny, and player options will also be in abundance regardless of whether or not users trek through the world solo or with a friend. One of the most important things that Bungie is striving for with its new game, according to Staten, is creating a rich history with the universe that conveys a strong feeling and bestows a sense of determination to newcomers.

“Putting a history into the world was extremely important, something you felt you were fighting for, the civilization that was once yours that’s fallen, that’s trying to recover. But it also goes to player choice, too, and not just choices you’d get in a Halo game, the moment to moment of how I’m going to take apart this encounter, what’s my combat toolset? What kind of character do I want to be in the world? Do I want to be a man or do I want to be a woman? That’s a choice we never gave someone in the Halo games.”

Destiny Screenshots

One of the key features that’s been confirmed is the ever-changing environment found within the game itself, and while Bungie isn’t elaborating on how the environment itself will continuously alter, it’s dedicated to generating one of the most expansive in-game universes ever conceived.

“The goal with everything in Destiny is to continue to add to the world, but we still haven’t figured out exactly what that means in terms of a cadence. But given our plan to build this big world and then evolve it over time, we’re absolutely going to have some cadence for that.”

Last, but certainly not least, Joe Staten elaborated on the foes that’ll await players in Destiny. Since there are several different enemy factions that can be found roaming the world, there’ll be a variety of unique player experiences and specific tactics required to put baddies in the ground.

“Way more characters than we had in the Halo games, I think with all our systems, most of them are brand new from the ground up, and that includes our AI and the way we script character behavior. Our goal is definitely to give people as diverse a combat experience as possible. Hopefully we’re able to pull that off.”

Given the ambitions of Mr. Staten, and everyone else under the employ of Bungie, it’ll be interesting to see how the final product turns out. With Halo 5 already in development (presumably for the next-gen Xbox), it’ll be fun to see how the two games eventually stack up to one another, although the elongated development period for Destiny may very well prove to be a deciding factor.

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Source: IGN