Bungie Reconfirms Destiny 2 Launch in 2017


Video game developer Bungie officially reconfirms the release of a proper sequel to its popular science fiction shooter with Destiny 2 set to launch in 2017.

As many Bungie acolytes may recall, it was recently revealed during an earnings call for the publisher Activision that most of the studio is working on Destiny 2's development. Taking that into consideration, the developer for the action-RPG wanted to double down on that information by using an article in the most recently published issue of Edge Magazine to reconfirm that it plans on having the sequel launch under the Bungie banner sometime in 2017.

While the piece in Edge mostly focuses on the contents of Rise of Iron Destiny's next major expansion, that is — the magazine also covers the fact that the proper sequel to the science fiction shooter was pushed back to 2017, giving some credence to the delay rumor that it was originally scheduled to launch in September of this year. Perhaps even more interesting, though, is that Rise of Iron apparently only came into existence due to the postponement of the forthcoming second entry in the franchise, and somewhat serves as a stopgap between Destiny and Destiny 2.

Furthermore, the article also establishes that Luke Smith, the director of the game's last sizable expansion, The Taken King, is taking the lead for Destiny 2's development. Bearing this in mind, a lot of fans will more than likely be content with Bungie's decision for Smith to take on this role, especially since many would-be Guardians enjoyed the aforementioned DLC adventure, as well as Vault of Glass, of which he was the lead designer.


Destiny 2 getting a release date for sometime next year shouldn't surprise too many die-hard fans of the franchise, especially since Activision divulged that the sequel went into development about two years ago, shortly after the initial launch of the vanilla version of the game. However, it will be interesting to see if Bungie decides to go with the community's current numerical title for the follow-up, or if it calls the game something completely different. A bit of hearsay that has circulated online is the rumor that it's named Beyond Destiny, while another has suggested it will be dubbed The Shattered Suns.

Whatever the case may be as far as Destiny 2's official title is concerned, it's safe to say that most fans of the action-RPG are more than excited to know what's in store for the series' gameplay with its next formal entry. Of course, since there's not even an exact release date yet, at least Guardians can look forward to the launch of Rise of Iron, which is slated to drop exactly a month from now.

Are you eagerly anticipating Destiny 2's eventual release? What do you think Bungie should change to make it better than the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

While Destiny 2 is set to release sometime in 2017, Bungie's next major project with Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion is scheduled to launch on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Edge Magazine (via Reddit)

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