Most of Bungie is Working on Destiny 2


Video game publisher Activision reveals that most of Bungie's employees are currently working on the follow-up to its science fiction shooter with Destiny 2.

While many fans would expect the majority of Bungie to be focusing on the development of Destiny's forthcoming Rise of Iron expansion, Activision has officially declared that to not be the case. As a matter of fact, during the game publisher's most recent earnings call, it was revealed that the lion's share of the studio's employees are currently working on the sequel to its action-RPG with Destiny 2.

As seen in the tweet below, the discovery comes from Kotaku's news editor, Jason Schreier, who happened to be covering Activision's earnings call at the time of the announcement. However, no further details regarding the status of Bungie's actual progress on Destiny 2 have been revealed, nor has it officially been confirmed if that specific title will even be used as the final name for the sequel.


Although this is definitely exciting news for Destiny fans, it's important to note that beyond the recently declared knowledge of "the bulk of Bungie" working on the game's follow-up, concrete particulars about the title are relatively scant. However, one piece of information that has been previously confirmed by the studio is that the sequel will have a release date in 2017.

Apart from Activision's and Bungie's official statements made about Destiny 2 at prior junctures, the Internet is rife with speculation about what the next installment in the franchise will contain. For instance, one anonymous source spoke with Kotaku in the past to share a rumor that the game is a reboot with The Taken King director Luke Smith having taken control of development. There's even hearsay about what the actual title of the follow-up could be, with one leak pointing to the possibility of Bungie giving it the name Beyond Destiny.


Whatever the case may be concerning Destiny 2's contents, most fans of the game have been well aware that Bungie has had the second installment on the back burner for a while now. As it happens, Activision said the sequel was in development almost two years ago, and that was almost immediately after the original had launched. Of course, at that point in time, Bungie wasn't devoting most of its resources to the title as it is now.

Looking forward, once Bungie makes it past Rise of Iron's release date and the return of some timed events such as Sparrow League Racing and the Festival of the Lost, it should be full steam ahead for the studio's production of Destiny 2. With any luck, Bungie will stumble across our PvP and PvE wishlists for the sequel and take them into consideration. Plus, with the studio finally moving beyond last generation consoles and committing to development on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here on out for Destiny, perhaps the developer will maintain its relationship with all of the latest platforms and think about a PC version for the second entry.

Bungie's next big project for Destiny is its Rise of Iron expansion, which releases on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Jason Schreier – Twitter

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