For the past ten years, Bungie defined themselves by their popular success with the Halo franchise, spanning five games and a plethora of bonus content. With them hanging up their jetpacks and hammers to move on towards seemingly bigger and better things, everyone wants to know just what exactly they are working on.

Yesterday, during the Activision Blizzard quarterly conference call, Activision let slip the name “Bungie Universe,” seemingly in relation to the upcoming game that Bungie has been working on with their new parent company for the past eight months. While the name Bungie Universe may still be only a working name or codename for their project, it does fit in nicely with the standing Bungie Aerospace website, which features the Latin motto “Per Audacia Ad Astra,” translating to “Boldly Going to the Stars.”

While this doesn’t help answer any of the questions that could explain what Bungie is up to, it does help point careful observers in a better direction. We know that Bungie has been busy working with Activision at developing a cross-platform title, specifically a “massively multiplayer action game” that would fit well with their style and storytelling motif that has already captivated fans.

As if they couldn’t be more like James Bond, Bungie was also busy earlier this January filing for the copyright claims of select web domains: “Seven Seraphs,” “Osiris,” “New Monarchy,” and “Dead Orbit.” While each of those was filed under ‘artwork,’ this allows for a number of promotional, marketing, ad and logo design work, giving Bungie yet more toys to play with in an already overflowing toybox.

Though, what is still the biggest piece of the puzzle is Bungie Aerospace itself. Sitting comfortably within its veil of fog and shadow, Bungie Aerospace could potentially be the arbiter for the new series, meant to help be more of a middleman during the time of transition.

Whatever it could be, we won’t be finding out anytime soon as Bungie has already admitted they won’t be at E3 this year. Though with this much anticipation on their game, it seems like they have their hands full. So what do you think could be in store? Do you think Bungie is trying to pull a fast one, and that Activision let slip something too soon? Or is this just another piece to an already obscure puzzle?

Source: Bungie Aerospace, Joystiq