Fan-favorite Xbox 360 developer, Bungie, has kept busy the last few months teasing their future multiplatform plans – though many details are still tightly under-wraps. While it’s certain that Bungie Aerospace is an integral part of the studio’s long-term strategy, it’s still unclear whether the title represents an actual retail game – or whether Aerospace is something else entirely (social networking framework, marketing campaign, etc).

Despite the lack of specificity, Bungie is once again teasing the new project, this time in a new in-game Halo: Reach video – featuring Spartan warriors reviewing the upcoming reveals planned for Bungie Day on July 7th. In addition to the Bungie Aerospace announcement tease, the video also recounts other pre-Bungie Day offers and activities including complimentary flaming helmets for Halo: Reach, a charity auction, and free steaks to any squad that beats the Bungie team by more than 20 kills in a match on the day of the reveal.

We covered a number of these details a week ago, following an update to Bungie’s official site, but there’s no doubt that the new video adds a bit of campy fun (and a macaroni sculpture) that’ll help create buzz leading-up to the Bungie Day reveal.

What exactly we’ll be seeing on July 7th, is still anyone’s guess – especially since, in the latest video, the developers not-so-delicately show that they left any especially juicy Bungie Day details on the cutting room floor.

Check out Bungie’s 20th Anniversary PSA video below:


The “Missing Scene” sections are certainly a tongue-in-cheek jab at eager fans who have been tearing up Internet boards speculating on what we’ll be seeing when Bungie Day finally arrives. Though, one thing is certain, the celebration will be focused entirely on Bungie Aerospace – not the rumored “Destiny” project.

Regardless of what’s up next for Bungie, it’s great to see the developer passing the Halo franchise over to 343 Industries in style – with a three part set of charitable actions: free swag for fans, free food for the Halo elite, and free stuff for those in need.

Until further details on the Bungie Day competition arrive, make sure to check out the Bungie Foundation auction as well as snag your free flaming Halo: Reach helmet by registering at or downloading (and registering) the Bungie Mobile iOS app.

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