The last we had heard about Bungie’s new mobile division, Bungie Aerospace, they had gone deep into the nether, working diligently (and silently) on their introductory project. Setting up Aerospace as a nexus for indie developers to show off their wares, the first title — codenamed ‘Crimson’ — was set to be the first one out of the gate.

With an official announcement yesterday, Bungie Aerospace and Hairbrained Schemes have prepped the dogs of piracy on the iPad with Crimson: Steam Pirates set to release on September 1st for the low cost of free. Offering eight levels, dozens of unique ships (both in the air and sea), and the Caribbean’s worth of unique characters to collect, the upcoming app was worth the many months of muttered anticipatory speculation.

Along with turn-based gameplay and a plethora of collectibles to indulge in, Crimson: Steam Pirates will also come complete with Facebook integration and a “Pass-and-Play” for multiplayer skirmishes. There will also be a link-up for player stats, leaderboards, and relentless smack talk/storyline interaction.

The trick here is how Bungie Aerospace and Hairbrained Schemes plan to make profit off Steam Pirates. The answer comes from future content installments of additional levels, vessels, and other multiplayer levels for an additional $1.99. it’s not a bad price considering the content and the men and women behind its creation.

Unfortunately, at this point there is no further word on Bungie Aerospace’s next adventure into the iDevice frontier, or if they have any possible plans for other future media, past the ‘Chapter 2’ of Steam Pirates. It may not be until after the upcoming Halo Fest before more is said on Bungie Aerospace and their future.

However, with its foray into the iPad platform, how many will be ready to test the waters and try their hand? With the low, low price of $0.00, it’s hard to say no, plus with the ever-present “Bungie” name hovering in the background, it’s also difficult to deny the potential for success. We’ll just have to see come next Tuesday.


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