Bungie Aerospace Trademarks Crimson

Three days ago we reported that the title Bungie Universe was being thrown around at an Activision Blizzard quaterly call – in connection with the Halo developer’s next game.

Today, we’re building on the future-Bungie-project speculation with a recent trademark filed by the developer’s spin-off arm Bungie Aerospace hinting at a new mobile software offering, titled Crimson.

It’s too early to tell exactly what connection Crimson will have to the next Bungie title – whether it’s a social-networking platform, management app, mobile database, or a title for the upcoming game itself, is unknown at this point.

The Crimson trademark was filed May 4th at United States Patent and Trademark Office and was categorized as:

  • “Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network.”
  • “Computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones.”
  • “Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices.”

You can view the entire patent at the USPTO site – HERE.

Could Crimson be a more evolved version of Halo: Waypoint for Bungie’s new game? Providing players a platform to manage achievements, social networking features, and RPG-like elements on the go (or on their console or PC)?

Beta Invites to Bungie's New Game

Even a couple months back we were still hearing murmurs that Bungie’s next title would be an MMOFPS – though fans shouldn’t necessarily expect World of Warcraft in space. If those rumors do end up being true, it seems extremely likely that the recent Crimson patent, coupled with the unveiling of Bungie Aerospace, would hint at a one of the most robust, and multi-faceted, MMO experiences on the market. The mega-team mash-up of Activision Blizzard’s enormously successful WoW business model, experience, and infrastructure, coupled with Bungie’s work on one of the most celebrated first person shooter franchises of all time, could make for an especially compelling, and ambitious, MMO experience.

Even though Bungie won’t be at E3 in an official capacity, we’ll still be looking to mid-June – hoping for some Crimson-related clarification. Not to mention, Bungie’s denial wouldn’t be the first time a developer said they’d be passing on E3 – and then “surprised” the attendees with a secret announcement (we’re looking at you David Jaffe).

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Source: Gamespot UK