Bungie Aerospace Bungie Day Reveal

Ever since it was made known that Bungie and the Halo franchise were going separate ways, there have been two big questions on the minds of gamers: what is next for Halo and what will Bungie do with its new independence from Microsoft?

The Halo franchise had two big game announcements at E3 and is being helmed by 343 studios, but Bungie’s future is still mostly unknown. That considered, Bungie’s website claims they will be revealing what Bungie Aerospace is soon – which will likely explain the direction of their next project.

For those that don’t know, the curiosity around Bungie Aerospace arose when news broke that Bungie had filed a trademark for the name. Keeping a close eye on the registration of trademarks can be a useful way to discover information about what game developers are working on. It appears that Bungie Aerospace is something important and Bungie plans to give fans more information sometime between now and July 7th — AKA Bungie Day.

“. . . we’re going to tell you, in explicit detail, exactly what Bungie Aerospace is all about.”

Bungie Day is the developer’s way of celebrating the 20th anniversary of their studio, the 10th anniversary of Halo, and all of the success they have had along the way. It was previously thought that Bungie would be revealing Destiny, their rumored MMO project, on Bungie Day – but it seems Aerospace has taken its place. Perhaps, they are one in the same?

Since the creators of the Halo franchise were no-shows at this year’s E3, many people think that Aerospace is their next game and they are using this opportunity to showcase the title. While this may be true, there are plenty of other possibilities as well. Aerospace could be the name of a new studio branching off from Bungie, or even a proprietary game/graphics engine. The latter would make sense considering Bungie’s recent growth and Epic Game’s success with the Unreal Engine.

Halo Reach Blue Flames Bungie Day Reveal

In addition to the announcement on July 7th, Bungie has a number of festivities planned for the weeks leading up to the big day. Among other things, they are making the coveted Blue Flames in Halo: Reach available to everyone, along with Bungie Nameplates. They are also filling the Bungie Store with “Swag Sacks” full of random memorabilia – and donating the proceeds to charity. Finally, they will be holding a 24 Hour Bungie vs. the World No Holds Barred Halo: Reach Marathon on Bungie day and offering real steaks to teams that prove their worth. Yes, you read that correctly, the stakes are steaks.

“You steak us. We’ll steak you. Seriously, we’re going to mail any team who beats us by 20 kills or more on Bungie Day a Grade-A cut of steak (gift cards for international players) while supplies last.”

Bungie currently has a placeholder page for Aerospace, but will be updating it soon. Stay tuned to Game Rant for the latest news regarding Bungie Aerospace.

Let us know what you think Bungie Aerospace is in the comment section below. Are you going to participate in the Bungie Day festivities.