Bungie Acknowledges Destiny 2 Eververse Feedback

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Since the launch of Destiny 2, developer Bungie has come under fire regarding design choices made to the long-awaited sequel. Most recently, players have taken issue with the game's shader system, which locks more than half of the cosmetic items behind the Eververse paywall, something that Bungie has finally acknowledged on social media.

On Twitter, Destiny 2 player support user dmg04 posted to the series' fan base, claiming that their passion for the game has been heard and will be taken on board in the future.


While it's certainly a good sign that Bungie will be hearing the voices of the Destiny fan base, many users seem doubtful that this will lead to any real change on the developer's part. Since launch, fans have complained about the game's one-time-use shader system and lack of real endgame content, but Bungie seems unwilling to respond in any major way to these issues.

With the game's first DLC proving a major disappointment to those who were hoping for a Taken King style overhaul, eyes are currently turned towards the second Destiny 2 expansion which recently leaked on the PlayStation Store. The Gods of Mars DLC is pegged for a March 2018 release date, which should give Bungie plenty of time to make some much-needed changes to the Eververse system and the title as a whole.

Microtransactions in gaming have often proven to be an unpopular concept, and Destiny 2 has unfortunately suffered greatly from the decisions made prior to release. As a result of these choices, the MMO-inspired shooter's fan base feels majorly disconnected from Bungie, and the title's forums are flooded with requests to remove the Eververse system entirely.

If the life cycle of the first Destiny game is anything to go on, we'll likely see improvement start to arrive once Destiny 2 has been out for a year or two, but this might be too long to wait for many fans. Once changes do finally get implemented however, the game can hopefully return to its former glory as one of the best shooters of 2017.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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