Bungie Says No 'Destiny' Reveal on Bungie Day

Bungie Says No Bungie Day Reveal

While an earlier update on the Official Bungie blog might have suggested that the developer was planning to forgo the formality of a big time E3 announcement in favor of a more casual Bungie Day reveal of their next title, it looks like that is no longer the case.

As part of this week’s Bungie update, the developer has revealed that those comments made a few weeks ago were not meant to suggest a big announcement was set for Bungie Day or E3. Instead this was just Bungie trying to generate a little hype for their 20th Anniversary by promising some worthwhile prizes.

Along with this update came the announcement that Bungie will be discontinuing Halo updates so that they can “put their heads down” and get to work on their next project — currently codenamed Destiny. It’s definitely a sad day to see a beloved developer step away from the property that made them a household name, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t eagerly anticipating their next project.

Since this confirms that Destiny, amidst rumors that hinted the game was making great progress, is not going to be releasing any time soon it does make Bungie Day a little bittersweet. Before the month is over though, Bungie vows to remove all the secrecy from the Bungie Day events, but, for now, we know one thing that won’t be appearing.

Of course, much like this isn't the end for Bungie this isn't the end for Halo, as developer 343 Industries has taken over development duties on the series. If things line up correctly, we might even see a 2012 when both a Bungie-developed new IP and a Halo title release within the same year.

We will definitely know more about Bungie Day and the next Halo title within the coming months with E3 right around the corner and Bungie Day taking place on July 7th.

Are you sad to see Bungie finally take a huge step away from the Halo property? When do you think we will get a reveal for their next project?

Source: Bungie

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