When you think of PC game bundles in the 97% off range, you generally think of Indie titles you’ll never play. We may have found an exception: just yesterday Bundle Stars launched their new “Indie Legends 4 Bundle” for $3.49. The digital package includes many popular indie hits such as Skullgirls, Door Kickers, Sir You are Being Hunted, plus 5 more titles. Just Skullgirls alone is a ten dollar purchase on Steam Store right now while Door Kickers and Sir, You are Being Hunted are $20 list price titles. Even when these games are on sale individually, they rarely reach the $3.49 price point, let alone the entire bundle of games.

New Bundle Stars:

  • Indie Legends 4 Bundle: $3.49
    Bundle Includes: Skullgirls, Door Kickers, Party Hard, Lethal League, Viscera Cleanup Detail Complete Pack, Sir You Are Being Hunted, Reus, and Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition.
  • Majestic Bundle: $2.99
    Bundle Includes: Chariot, Solarix, Pumped BMX +, Zero Reflex: Black Eye Edition, Capsule Force, Cally’s Trials, Dub Dash, On My Own, Tiny Guardians, and Porcunipine

The new Indie Legends 4 Bundle will last 2 weeks, ending on July 17. The Majestic Bundle launched earlier this week and carries an earlier expiration date, ending next week Wednesday, July 20.

Warner Bros. Sale

Also on the docket at Bundle Stars this week is a big Warner Bros. Interactive publisher sale. All games listed above are Steam keys.

You can get up to 90% off popular Warner Bros. titles such as Mad Max and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor + all DLC both hitting their all time lows (on a side note: Shadow of Mordor has resurface this week in the news cycle in a not-too-positive light). Also notable in the sale is a discount on the June 28 release of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for 30% off – its best price since launch. The discount for the WB games will expire later this Sunday on July 17.

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