New Bully 2 'Teaser' Has Been Found by Fans

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Fans of Rockstar Games series Bully say that they may have found a teaser for Bully 2 in the company's official merch store. Rumors about Bully 2 have been heating up, as fans also wondered if they'd found a Bully 2 Easter egg in Red Dead Redemption 2.

On the Rockstar merch site, R* Warehouse, shoppers can now buy three new hats, one of which is a "Property of Bullworth Academy Cap" which is a blue cap with the gold lettering of Bullworth Academy. Bullworth Academy, as players of the first Bully game will remember, is the school attended by wayward teenage protagonist Jimmy Hopkins. On the Bully subreddit, one user says that this is the "most concrete evidence" they've seen that Bully 2 is in development, while another agrees that this is a "slightly more direct hint at a Bully sequel."

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It's difficult to say whether this is a Bully 2 teaser or not, as fans of the schoolyard sandbox series have been known to jump the gun. Fans were also quick to believe the leaked Bully 2 screenshots which showed a school map and offered fans what many thought was the first look at the game's protagonist. However, just a few weeks after fans had gotten excited about the images, a Brazilian designer confirmed it was all a hoax.

There was also a wild Grand Theft Auto Online theory that suggested that Rockstar had used that game to confirm Bully 2. Fans also agreed that that was a longshot but with Rockstar not having confirmed anything, it means that the Bully community is happy to grab anything that seems to confirm a sequel.

Rockstar may or may not be using this as a Bully 2 teaser, but one reddit user makes a very good point. "It shows Bully is a profitable franchise or they wouldn't make merchandise for it," they said. After releasing Bully in 2006, Rockstar has released multiple versions of it. In 2016, it released Bully: Anniversary Edition on iOS and Android devices. Rockstar wouldn't make merch if it felt that there was no one to buy it.

As for when Rockstar may announce Bully 2, that much is unclear. Job listings confirm that the company is working on a next-generation game, but the PS5 and the next Xbox aren't set to release until holiday 2020. Whether the game will be ready by then is unknown.

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Source: Reddit

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