Rumors about all sorts of supposed games pop up around this time of year as E3 2017 inches ever closer, and the latest word is related to a much-anticipated sequel to Rockstar Games’ BullyHowever, fans will be disappointed to know that the news is not the long-awaited Bully 2 announcement they’ve been waiting for, but rather the debunking of the game’s supposed existence.

Rumors of a Bully sequel surfaced recently when eagle-eyed gamers noticed a listing on the Game Informer website for a game titled “Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack,” which immediately prompted much speculation about a follow-up installment among fans. The listing was quickly taken down, but not before some redditors took some screenshots and dug up the page’s Google cache, which revealed that the listing was up on the site since May 8, 2017.

But before fans could consider whether this listing is real or fake, Game Informer has poured cold water on all the Bully 2 rumors by stating that the page listing was an error and that it has not heard any word of a sequel.

Upon being asked how something like this could have slipped through the cracks, Game Informer boss Andrew Reiner replied by saying that the team is currently looking into how the listing came about.

While the hope of many fans is that the listing is real, there are a couple of reasons to suggest that Game Informer is telling the truth. Putting aside just how odd the title of the game is, Rockstar is known for being very secretive about its projects, thus it is unlikely that Game Informer would risk burning bridges with the studio (and breaking an expensive NDA) by announcing a Bully sequel early.

Bully 2 may still be on many fans’ wish lists, but what we do know is that the studio is busy working on another game fans have been clamoring for – Red Dead Redemption 2. While the upcoming western title was recently delayed to 2018, it is likely that Rockstar will make sure the sequel meets its quality standards rather than diverting resources to a second, large-scale project.

With E3 2017 just around the corner and Sony planning in-depth coverage of its titles, perhaps there’s a small possibility that the company is merely holding onto the secret of Bully 2‘s existence until the time is right to finally announce it.

Source: Game Informer