The First Bully 2 Screenshot May Have Just Been Leaked

bully 2 screenshot leak

Fans have been waiting over a decade for Rockstar Games to release Bully 2, but no such game has ever materialized. However, there has been a consistent stream of rumors and "leaks" about Bully 2, renewing hope that it could very well be in development. We still don't have official confirmation from Rockstar Games that Bully 2 is real, but now what is apparently a screenshot of the game has leaked online.

YouTuber TheNathanNS, known for making Bully videos, was contacted by someone with an image of what is apparently the Bully 2 pause menu. The image matches the font and color scheme of the original Bully, and it shows a location called Wintersmith Mansion, complete with an icon to represent the player character's position. The options in the pause menu include Help, Character, Story, Map, Progress, Settings, Online, and Social Club, meaning that if the screenshot is real, Bully 2 will have online multiplayer.

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There are some other details that can be gleaned from the Bully 2 screenshot. For example, there is a character portrait in the top left corner that could be protagonist Jimmy Hopkins, or someone else entirely. Next to the character portrait is the time and day, as well as how much money the player has collected, indicating that players will be able to once again buy items in the new game, as well as have to deal with time management.

bully 2 screenshot leak

We stress that fans should take this all with a massive grain of salt, as it's quite possible that the screenshot was faked. There have been many fake video game screenshots that have been presented as "leaks" over the years, and until Bully 2 is confirmed by Rockstar itself, fans should treat any information that comes out about the game with skepticism.

This is far from the only Bully 2 "leak" that we've seen lately. Another YouTuber, by the name of SWEGTA, claims that an inside source at Rockstar Games confirmed Bully 2's existence to them. SWEGTA's source went as far as to say that Bully 2 would launch in late 2020, and that the game will be a cross-gen release, coming to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

With Bully 2 "leaks" now becoming an almost daily occurrence, hopefully Rockstar Games addresses the rumors sooner rather than later so fans don't have to stay in suspense.

Bully 2 is rumored to be in development.

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