Bully 2: Everything We Want To See In The Game

Bully 2 Rockstar sequel

Rockstar Games school sandbox game, Bully, was released in 2006 and fans have been asking the company to make a sequel ever since. Fans had huge amounts of fun running around as wayward teen Jimmy Hopkins, causing trouble at Bullworth Academy and they'd like to see what the developer could do with current or next-generation consoles.

There have been several leaks and rumors about Bully 2, with one suggesting that the sequel would star Jimmy as a college student. Rockstar has yet to confirm anything but in the meantime, Game Rant would like to present a list of everything that we'd like to see in Bully 2, if the developer does choose to make a sequel.

Wider Variety of Classes

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There weren't many criticisms of the first Bully but one issue that people did have is that the classes were incredibly repetitive. The game allows players to take on several mini-games, such as an English class where players can rearrange the letters to make words, or chemistry where players press buttons as they pass through a box.

If those mini-games don't sound very advanced then that's the point. The classes that Jimmy can attend at Bullworth Academy is secondary to the other campus antics, such as stuffing NPCs into lockers and befriending cliques but it was a boring part of what is an entertaining game.

The first Bully had ten different lessons to attend, with some being locked until players progressed through the game's story. For the sequel, we'd like to see more variety of lessons and for Rockstar to have more fun with mini-games, doing something a bit more unexpected than just matching symbols on a controller.

Female Protagonist

Rockstar has so far shied away from making a female protagonist the star of its games. While games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have had NPCs like Sadie as part of the action and multiplayer has allowed for the creation of playable female characters, it hasn't made a woman the lead.

There are rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a female protagonist but if not, it would be cool to see a female student as the star of Bully 2. A girl's experience of high school is far different to a boy's and it could be entertaining to see that explored in Bully 2. It would also help Rockstar prevent comparisons between Jimmy and a new, male teen protagonist if the developer chooses not to bring the character back.

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Create Your Own Clique


Befriending cliques is a huge part of the first Bully. Players have to navigate relationships with groups like the nerds, preppies, greasers, and jocks. That gameplay was okay, but Jimmy showed that it is possible to play these groups off of each other or to be a student who gets along well with all of them.

It also shows that Rockstar is good at writing clique dynamics and relationships and so for that reason, we'd like to see the developer allow players to create their own cliques in Bully 2. Bully 2 could let players have their own territories, with NPC management as recruits must prove themselves and fulfil duties such as bullying members of other cliques. The NPCs could have skills too, giving players a reason to recruit them and keep them happy.

Bully Online Multiplayer

Bully online multiplayer could be one of the easiest wins that Rockstar has had. Rockstar could present the mode as a sports day where all the students compete against each other in different game modes for medals. Players could also unlock new customization options for their school crest, their uniform, or their out of school clothes.

It could also be a huge money maker for Rockstar, which has made hundreds of millions of dollars from Grand Theft Auto Online. It seems unlikely that Rockstar wouldn't put multiplayer in Bully 2 if it meant that it could make money from microtransactions and keep people enjoying the game for longer.

Co-op Gameplay

In Bully 2, Rockstar could add school friendships. Jimmy, or the character that takes his place, could get a best friend as a co-op player who is able to help him cheat on test, bully other students and complete missions.

While it may be difficult for Rockstar to add, if the game's map is huge and if it offers full multiplayer, it makes a huge amount of sense. Having a best friend who you can pass notes to or make jokes with is part of the high school experience and Bully 2 would be a weaker game without it.

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