Bully 2 concept art leaks online, appearing to show several characters and locations that will feature in the schoolyard sequel. The leak follows longstanding rumors that Bully 2 is in the works at Rockstar Games.

On Twitter an anonymous leaker has begun to post different pieces of concept art, purportedly for Bully 2. The art details several characters, including “Abe” who lives in the woods with a lot of guns and is also said to be “psychotic.” Abe claims to be a veteran of an unnamed war but as it turns out, he never served in the armed forces at all and actually “dodged the draft.” Other characters include a leering tennis instructor, a goth girl, a glamorous woman, an elderly mailman, and a student with some toilet paper stuck to his sneakers.

There’s currently no word on plot but Bully 2‘s location could be quite large, if this concept art is to be believed. An overview of a neighbourhood shows several houses and streets, with warehouses and a water tower in the distance. A bridge can also be seen in one of the leaked images, suggesting that this could just be one very small part of the game’s overall map.

As always, leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt as the concept art could be the work of a hopeful fan or a talented artist with a lot of time on their hands. Although the leaker promises that more art is incoming, this is far from an official confirmation of the game. Just a few weeks ago another Bully 2 leak had to be shot down for being fake, showing that interest in a sequel is at an all-time high.

But few could blame fans for believing in the leaks and being eager for more information about the game. The decision to re-release the first Bully on more platforms, including PS4, has only reignited the hype. With fans getting a chance to play through the much-loved game once more and series newcomers falling for Bully too, everyone is clamoring for Bully 2.

Unfortunately, even if the game is real and this concept art is legitimate, it could be a while until Rockstar announces it. Another anonymous leaker recently revealed that Bully 2 could happen after Red Dead Redemption 2 but that game will not be released until sometime next year. A sequel that takes a long time to release is better than no sequel at all though, so watch this space.