Rumor: Bully 2 Gameplay and Story Details Leak, But the Game Was Canceled

rumor bully 2 gameplay and story details leak, game was canceled

It's been 13 years since the release of Bully, and fans of the game have been waiting anxiously for Bully 2. Unfortunately, we still don't have an official confirmation that the game is even in development, but according to a new rumor making the rounds, Bully 2 was in the works at some point, only for the game to ultimately be canceled.

This news comes from YouTuber SWEGTA, citing information given to them by Reddit user fika122. Fika122 contacted a former Rockstar Games developer and provided screenshots to prove that their conversation was real. The developer worked at Rockstar Games from 2008 to 2009 on an unannounced project (apparently Bully 2) that was in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The developer, who was laid off after Bully 2 was canceled, revealed some of the features they awere working on for the game. Bully 2 was set to have a climbing system, as well as new pranks, like a tripwire prank. Players would have also been able to do a running dive into a trashcan and shimmy around trees.

As far as the game's story, Bully 2 would have been about Jimmy Hopkins spending his summer vacation at his stepdad's house. Players would have been able to explore both a nearby summer camp and a town. The antagonists would have been Jimmy's new step-siblings.

Unfortunately, Bully 2 was unexpectedly canceled and the developer leaking this information was laid off before the project could be finished. While it's possible that the person is making all of this up, there is enough evidence to confirm that they did in fact work at Rockstar Games for the period of time when this game was supposedly in the works. So while fans should still take it with a grain of salt, it's definitely one of the more legitimate rumors out there.

But while this version of Bully 2, which was in development a decade ago, was apparently canceled, that doesn't mean that a new version of Bully 2 isn't in the pipeline. There have been numerous rumors over the years about Bully 2, with the latest claiming that Bully 2 will be about Jimmy in college.

Many of these Bully 2 rumors (like the one that said it would be announced at E3 2019) turn out to be false, but where there's smoke, there's fire. Whether or not Bully 2 is Rockstar's next game remains to be seen, but we should find out within the next couple of years or so.

Bully 2 was reportedly in development at one point, but was canceled.

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