‘Bulletstorm’ Developer Diary Showcases Weaponry, Multiplayer

Bulletstorm Developer Diary Weapons Multiplayer Anarchy

The People Can Fly title Bulletstorm is no doubt one of the most over the top, violent-in-a-comedic way games to come out in a long time. To give even more details, Epic Games has put out a developer diary to start giving a closer look at the tools of your destruction. We've already heard about the insane weaponry players will be using to paint the battlefield all different kinds of scarlet, but this latest video shows how the simple addition of new weaponry and scoring systems will turn a shooter into something else entirely.

We've already seen firsthand that the developers aren't the type to pull any punches, and now Cliff Bleszinski has joined the crew to explain how Bulletstorm will differ from other shooters you're used to.

The head of Epic Games may not refer to Gears of War by name, but the duck-and-cover mechanics of Epic's flagship series are unmistakable. Bulletstorm won't be the kind of game to cause players to worry about their own safety, and they'll be putting weapons into your hands that command the player to take the offensive.

As is the case with nearly all things Bulletstorm, the video contains a good amount of graphic language, content, and attitude. You are warned:


As crazy as the weapons are, their main purpose will be to maximize the entertainment and point value of each particular skillshot. The weapon names themselves truly reflect the over the top nature of the game, with monikers like 'the Peacemaker' and 'the Boneduster.'

Other weapons are going to be revealed before the game releases in February, but Epic clearly plans to keep gamers in suspense. One thing's for sure, all the weapons are going to do a lot of hurting.

One of the cooperative multiplayer modes talked about is 'Anarchy,' a team-based game that Belszinski has briefly touched upon.The mode is built around a team of players fighting waves of enemies, working together to create skillshot chains for big points.

'Echo' is a cooperative mode, but instead of working together to build the largest chain possible, players will be competing to get individual high scores and reach the top of the leaderboards. Echo mode is also confirmed to be be featured in the upcoming demo.

As a fan of shooters, Bulletstorm looks like it's going to be ramping up the excitement, excess, and the fun through something all shooter fans enjoy: dispatching enemies in cool and inventive ways. The team at People Can Fly have been hard at work to ensure any gamer who picks up this title will be able to do exactly that.

And thanks to Epic, the inclusion of access to the Gears of War 3 beta may convince even more players to give it a try.

Bulletstorm hits hard on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on February 22, 2011.

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