Story Focused Trailer for 'Bulletstorm' Brings the Pain

Bulletstorm Weapons

Bulletstorm, the over-the-top shooter developed by People Can Fly, takes every element of the FPS genre -- from the violence to the weapons -- and pushes it to the limit. A new trailer for the game is unlike anything we have seen before, focusing more on the story and some key sequences in the game rather than the amount of destruction your character will be inflicting.

Needless to say, this trailer, like every other piece of marketing we have seen so far, is filled with moments of sheer joy. Everything from the giant kraken-like creature to some of the more visceral kills indicates that Bulletstorm will have the goods. Game Rant was even able to get some hands-on time with the game, further reaffirming this positive assertion.

The story of Bulletstorm, for those who aren't sold on the action, is simple enough. Characters play as Grayson Hunt, an ex-mercenary who has been banished to the outskirts of the galaxy, where he now works as a space pirate. On a Gilligan-style routine expedition gone wrong he ends up crash landing on a strange planet that is riddled with some unsightly creatures. Then the mayhem begins. Without further ado here's the awesome trailer:


Despite some moments that feel like the token “now’s the time to curse”, there are some genuine moments of awe in the trailer. Game Rant has shown some screens of the giant “wheel of death” moving in the background and this time it looks like the wheel has been upgraded to foreground territory.

With the folks at Epic fostering the development of this game it’s hard to believe that the title won’t sell despite being a completely new IP. Bulletstorm is available for pre-order now if you’re so inclined.

What are your thoughts on Bulletstorm? Does the game come out with too much of an arcade sensibility or is that just the change of pace gamers are looking for?

Bulletstorm releases February 22nd for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: CVG

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