Bulletstorm Skillshot Trailers: Skillisodes Volume 1-3

Bulletstorm Skillshot Trailers - Skillisodes

The over-the-top and brutally violent (read: fun) first person actioner Bulletstorm is less than a month away from its epic debut, or rather, its debut by developers Epic Games and People Can Fly. The latest Bulletstorm trailer took us into the story and characters of the Dead Echo mercenaries and how they end up on the futuristic and hostile alien paradise where the game takes place.

It looked fun in an Unreal sort of way, but that's not what people are looking forward to. Gamers are waiting to jump into multiplayer and kill anyone and everyone in the most ridiculous ways possible. Why? Because that's what you're supposed to do and you get rewarded as such.

Why kick someone in the head while they're down or blast them away with a shotgun, when you can shoot them first, kick them in the air and then blast their head off while sending them off a cliff at the same time?

That's just one creative way to dispatch your foes in the fast-paced mayhem that is the standard gameplay of Bulletstorm. As it turns out, there are (at least) 135 official skillshots you can perform and the recently released "Skillisode" trailers show you three at a time. Take a look at 9 out of the 135 ways you can earn lots of points:

Bulletstorm - Skillisode Volume 1

Featuring Skillshots #38 (Gag Reflex), #43 (Mercy) and #62 (Acid Rain).


Bulletstorm - Skillisode Volume 2

Featuring Skillshots #3 (Voodoo Doll), #29 (Parashoot) and #57 (Torpedo).


Bulletstorm - Skillisode Volume 3

Featuring Skillshots #58 (Burn), #63 (Juggler) and #66 (Gang Bang).


Needless to say, Bulletstorm is rated M for mature. To find out more on how the game actually plays, be sure to read our Bulletstorm demo impressions.

Bulletstorm kills with skill February 22nd on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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